Gallery #2

Deadlydeceiver (Sven)

Since 2013 Sven has wowed me with his dedication to painting and the Kingdom Death line of miniatures. His first appearance here on the blog was with an amazing submission of Kingdom Death's Forge God. Following that post, he continued to produce and submit amazing pieces of work, which have proven to be among the most popular posts on this blog. He was also the first reader to hand in submissions to the Reader's Showcase article series, but in 2014 he transitioned into a full time contributor and member of the team. Sven continues to wow us every week, with the sheer scale and variety of his painted collection. 

**Please note Kingdom Death is an Adult Orientated Horror genre, most of the miniatures in it's range are NSFW**

  Gold Smoke Knight The King 
Apotheosis King's Man King's Hand White Knight Kingdom Death Saviour
Kingdom Death Frogdog Lion Knight 1st The Butcher White Knight Heavy Version


The Angelcynns


The Fomoraic

Belech Idruaada Fomoraic Kaairioc-cro Sea Devil  

The Infernii Malacant, Servile Champion of Dis 

The Khthones

Ophios Thoth, Anax of Ýdron Stheena    

The Ysians

Carrowek Hedorac of Carn Maen Seza, Death-Abhorrent