Gallery #1

DiStudios (Chris)

Despite collecting GW products for 29 years, I surprisingly have very little to show for it. After 6 years working for the company and discovering miniatures outside of the Citadel range, I found that most of the figures I had painted were for commission and that I had sold off most of my GW collections to finance other projects like Privateer, Rackham and Reaper . In 2009 I came back to the hobby due to the sudden popularity of Horus Heresy converting (pre-Forge World releases). As a result all of my old projects got packed away in boxes or labelled 'to sell' in order to finance this new venture. Below is a collection of figures I have painted from various systems over the years, showing the variety of my small personal collection and the evolution of my painting style as the years have flown by.

A collection of painted figures from the Reaper Miniature Line, including the Dark Heaven Legends (Metal) & Reaper Bones (Polymer) ranges, Warlord & Pathfinder ranges. Despite having collected figures from this range for years, it was only in 2018 that I started painting them en masse as part of a town diorama. I did not bank on this range becoming one of my favourite collections to work on, with me clocking in a total of 11 fully painted miniatures in one month ~ a new record for me.

03398 Liriel Silverlocks Female Elf Bard 03780 Spirit of Spring 03869 Townsfolk Cooper 77084 Townsfolk Innkeeper 77460 Dwarf Butcher 77461 Dwarf Brewer 
77479 Klaus Copperthumb, Dwarf Thief 

Originally a Kickstarter that I backed in 2014, that ran into troubles but managed to save itself and fulfill in 2017. This fantastic range of sci fi miniatures charts the the different races of the Last Saga universe, as they strive for dominance, resource and survival. All the while seeking the fabled technology of the Titans.

Uruhvel Starter Box


My first ever green skin army, having never really been interested by previous incarnations. The Ironjawz; to me; epitome everything I think is cool about orc: animal aggression and slabs of crude iron armour! I started this army in November 2016 as a gateway into Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, and have been steadily painting a army up ever since.

Megaboss Warchanter     

During Salute 2015 I finally succumbed to the amazing Norse figure range by Mierce Miniatures. The game is still in development, but for now I am content painting these amazingly detailed Dark Age Fantasy models.

Birna, Dottir Of Hrafnen 
Vortun Troll Kappi Gjoll, Troll Vane Bearer Unnolg, Troll Warrior Gurrir, Troll Warrior Nisurl, Troll Warrior  

In 2013, Prodos Games brought back the fantastic Mutant Chronicles universe to the table top, with their reboot Warzone: Ressuerection. As a long time fan of the background, I had to back the Kickstarter.

Corporate Agents Mule Armoured Carrier Bauhaus Juggernauts Bauhaus Vorreiters 
 Warzone Resurrection: Mishima Hatamoto  

I started playing and collecting Warmachine when it first hit the U.K in the early 2000's. Khador immediately drew my eye and I amassed a collection of every single figure up until the introduction of their plastics. Sadly their plastic range did not agree with me and I got rid of the collection. However they remain some of my favourite figures of all time.


Below are some photos I rescued from my old website, there is quite a random selection in there, which in my eyes, shows how my painting has changed; more noticeably in recent years; as the decades have rolled by.

 Hordes Minions Thrullg  Kingdom Death Gorm  
Nurgle Daemon Prince Blight Drone Nurglings

I have been a private commission painter since 2000, but up until now I have not had the facilities to showcase my work properly. So as of Winter 2015, I have been making a more concerted effort to take better photos and showcase the pieces I have completed both for private and corporate clients.

Prodos Games Cybertronic Eradicator Prodos Games Mishima Tiger Dragons  
Vampyr Riot Grrl 
Captain Rosso Curly Anne Pirate & Cuchillo Blackbeard Long John
Revlugg Moby Dugg Mariner Velero Momma Galina Chulo Bolu
Night Lords Legion Glaive The Hobbit Iron Hill Dwarf Collection Star Knights Space Minotaur Age Of Sigmar Freeguild General On Griffon