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Greetings, my name is Chris aka DiStudios and I am the creator/founder of the Send The Eighth Wargaming Blog. I have been involved in the hobby since 1988, starting off with the infamous RTB01 boxset and everything else ever since! I worked for 6 years in Games Workshop during the early 2000's with aspirations of becoming a Eavy Metal painter and my all time painting hero is of course the legendary Mike McVey. I have collected and painted a huge variety of miniatures from many manufacturers over the years including Privateer Press, Mutant Chronicles, Hasslefree and more! My current project is a Horus Heresy Night Lords army. 

I have been a commission painter for over 10 years with many satisfied repeat clients and have even been lucky enough to do work for Prodos Games.

Figures completed 2015 (Personal collection) - 6 

Please check out my galleries here: Gallery #1

Available for commission? YES
Contact: Traitorsbane@gmail.com - Typical response time 24 hours.


Hi there, my name is Sven aka deadlydeceiver. I've been a passionate miniature painter, collector and gamer for over 14 years now. Rather unsurprisingly my first tabletop game was Warhammer and later also Warhammer 40k, but in the past years the gaming part of the hobby was reduced to rather rare private games and that freed more time for painting and new exiting miniature ranges. My current collection consists only of two of my previously seven Games Workshop armies, a nearly complete set of Kingdom Death and fast growing hosts of Mierce Miniatures' Darklands-range. Especially with the rise of Kickstarter I came across new miniature lines and games that got me interested and which I'd like to share with you.

My active projects comprise Mierce, Kingdom Death and Warhammer Forge Chaos Dwarfs. In not so far future I'll hopefully be able to show some Imbrian Arts, Kabuki and Shadows of Brimstone models and might even return to my good old Dark Eldar once in a while.

Please check out my gallery here: Gallery #2

Available for commission: YES
Contact: deadlydeceiver@web.de - Typical response time 24 hours


Hi there, I run under the name of Hellstrom, I am a veteran of the long war, having been collecting miniatures for over 30 years and I am the new resident Iron Hands collector (but also have a large Tau army with almost all the Forge World goodies). I have collected a large quantity of miniatures from other ranges too including Battletech, Warmachine and a whole host of board games from various manufacturers. While I enjoy painting, I think I am more of a gamer, as there is nothing quite like rolling a bucket of dice!

My current active projects are The Horus Heresy Iron Hands and Tau. However I have a few Kickstarters coming in, which may be thrown in the mix.

Have been known to look and dress like Silent Bob!

Please check out my gallery here: Gallery #3

Available for commission: NO
Contact: N/A