Thursday, 15 December 2016

Site News: State Of The Blog

Greetings all! My it has been a long time since I have last posted. A great deal of this is due to the format change incorporated this year. Essentially live updates are now on the Facebook page, while completed Gallery shots are posted here on the blog. So if you fancy keeping up on my daily activities, please check out my Facebook page and more importantly give it a 'Like' as I am running a competition for when we hit our 200th page Like.

In terms of new updates, this weekend I will be updating my Gallery with a couple of new items. Firstly we have a rather nice Pirate themed Goblin gang, by Freebooter Miniatures, and also Ironhill Dwarfs for The Battle Of Five Armies.

So keep your eyes peeled for those, or better yet get a first glimpse tomorrow and Sat via the Facebook page ;-)

Thanks for reading,



  1. Ha, I went mainly to twitter, though facebook is about 100x more hits :)

    1. I still like having the blog around for the Gallery, I didn't really get much of a response on Twitter...also so many things to manage! haha

    2. Ya I picked two. Commenting and twitter. :) Commenting died out, because I used faeit's blog roll which died...but it just reactivated! WOOT!

    3. Yeah, i re-applied over the weekend, not sure if he has gotten round to re-adding me though. I use to have this weird app thing, that shared from Blogger > Twitter > FB, but they went down recently.

      Also I think the content repetition was a bit much for some of the readers, as I lost a few :s

    4. Either way, should have some new content coming up this holiday, including some Orcs/Orruks ^^