Thursday, 22 December 2016

Gallery: The Hobbit Iron Hills Dwarf Collection By Chris

A great change from the Ironjawz I have been painting in recent months, Forge World's Iron Hill Dwarf collection; from the final installment of The Hobbit Trilogy. This is the entire first wave release for this collection and comprises of Dwarf Warriors, the Ballista and of course Dain Ironfoot himself! Being Forge World miniatures, there was a bit of cleaning work and Dain himself had a very large amount of release agent, so a overnight detergent bath was necessary. In terms of painting, these are probably some of the more paint-able Forge World infantry pieces and were quick in terms of getting a uniformed quality paint job.

Unfortunately my photography skills are a bit of a let down again, and I managed to not get any usable shots of Dain foot or mounted, so I had to resort to the 'w.i.p' versions of the miniatures - basically they are finished but no attempts at a flashy background. When you compare the w.i.p photos to the 'Gallery photos', you can see that something is clearly amiss.

Anyway, very fun collection to paint, I hope this leaves enough of a positive impression for me to do another batch for the client.

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Chris 'DiStudios'
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