Thursday, 11 August 2016

Gallery: Horus Heresy Night lords Legion Glaive By Chris

Probably one of my favourite tanks from the Horus Heresy range, and as a bonus, I got to paint it in Night Lords colours. It has Night Lord Legion doors and some special extras I added, such as improvised sand bag armour and a dead Space Marine on the left hand side. At the barrel of the main gun - Volkite Carronade - I have also added heat staining, the quad las-cannons are magnetised for ease of transporting. Special attention was paid to making the lightning as vibrant as possible and of course weathering such as scratches and rust were added to make it look more war ravaged.

Third party - 'Oppressor tracks' - from Blood And Skulls Industry were added to give the tank a much more malevolent feel, to match the Night Lords modus operandi.

Miniature was painted with a combination of Vallejo Model, Game and Air paints.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Gallery: Warzone Resurrection - Corporate Agents By Chris

Warzone: Resurrection - Corporate Agents; designed initially for the Mutant Chronicles RPG; are a group of individuals responsible for safeguarding 'company assets' out in the field. Despite the corporate look they come equipped with titanium woven suits, under armour and the PSA Mk.XIV 'Aggressor' gun. They are sometimes accompanied by cybernetic dogs called 'Iron Mastiffs', which the Agents control via interfaces in their sunglasses.

Figures produced by Prodos Games, to see the full range of Warzone: Resurrection miniatures HERE