Saturday, 5 March 2016

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Good afternoon and welcome to a brand new series of hobby news bites. Each Saturday I will be taking a look and sharing my thoughts on various releases from around the hobby sphere. This week we have some very interesting new lines appearing, as well as Games Workshops latest Board Game.

Games Workshop: Deathwatch Overkill

This is probably the biggest release of the week, it sees a welcome return of both the Deathwatch Space Marines (11 figures in total) and more importantly the Genestealer Cult (a massive 39 figures in total!). The release is a separate board game in the same vein as Horus Heresy: Betrayal At Calth, but 40K fans can take advantage too of the new figures as White Dwarf contains rules and formations for using both the Deathwatch and Genestealer Cult in your games of 40K. Will it spawn a separate line? At this stage far too early to say, but for now merely having the option to field them as allies is good enough and gives hope to the revival of other sub species in the 40K world. This game has been released today and is available today HERE.

Wrath Of Kings

I have been quietly keeping an eye on this figure range for quite some time now. This Epic Fantasy game has a fantastic setting, with art and sculpting very similar to the much loved Rackham/Confrontation line from the early 2000's, even boasting it's own very awesome range of Wolf men - House Of Goritsi.  The figures seem amazingly detailed and the stock paint jobs go a long way to making these figures look like exceptional collector pieces, so whether its from a gaming background or collectors background you are coming from, these figures will most likely find a place in your collection.

To check out the latest releases for this amazing range, click HERE.

That's it for this week, I am intrigued to see what will come next! All the figures seen in today's article; and more; are available from Element Games, a fantastic store that provides amazing discounts, a generous reward system and very fast delivery.

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