Friday, 12 February 2016

Gallery: Darklands Infernii - Krull By Sven

Thanks to their new Kickstarter Project: Savage Hordes II, my love for Darklands was rekindled and so I decided to return with a bang by presenting you Darklands’ most impressive model: Krull, Servile Lord of Dis.
Sculpted by the legendary Dan Cockersell, Krull is an incredible showcase of quality. The skin and textures are so crisp, it’s a real pleasure and so rewarding to paint. Thanks to that the  dry brushing and washing techniques I use for my Infernii produced quick and refined results. Painting such huge models is a very special challenge and I was grateful that I had my paint scheme already laid out.
I began from a white base coat and build up the layers for the skin and used the washes to define the sculpted structures. It worked great, as you can see on the wings. The veins were done with purple ink.
I’m very happy with the results of the whole model, but the head is my special pride. It looks really sick and the horns turned out very well, also thanks to that incredible texture.
It has been a while, but I already fought a battle of Darklands with Krull. Back in the days still with the quick starter rules, but the performance was scary to behold. The Servile Lord costs over 1000 Gold to field and made up more than 50% of my host, but he was unstoppable. For a monster he has very high skill, is well armoured, fast and hits like a ton of bricks. There wasn’t a single enemy unit that survived a turn in base contact with that demon.
If you look at his size next to a regular human I think you can imagine his presence on the battlefield. I’m really excited to see how he performs with the full rules, as much has changed concerning flying and trampling in particular.
Finally I’d like to give another shout out to the currently running Kickstarter project of Mierce: Darklands Savage Hordes II. A lot of awesome concepts and great deals. If you’re looking for unique fantasy models of excellent quality Mierce is the place to look.
To see more of my Mierce Miniatures collection, please visit my Gallery
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