Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Gallery: Darklands: Formoraic - Idruaada By Sven

It’s really a pity that I’ve never shown any Fomoraic humans yet. That must be rectified! I present you Idruaada, Warlock Lord of Baalor and a really cool fellow in terms of sculpt and game play.
As I’ve written in my long forgotten article about Kraan, my Fomoraic follow a colour hierarchy from Ice Blue (low rank) over Shadow Grey to Dark Blue for the warlords. As Idruaada is the highest ranking sorcerer for the Fomoraic, but still lower than an Untain of Baalor I didn’t want to get his armour too black. The colour you see here was achieved by a base coat of Vallejo Heavy Blue followed by a dry brush of Heavy Blue mixed with Metallic Medium and finished by a glaze with blue and black ink.
I already did a sword of ice when I painted my Belech, but wasn’t 100% content with the result, so I tried a new approach, that was actually much easier and produced a cool (excuse the pun) result. It was a simple coat of Ice Blue, highlighted with Glacier Blue and white before controlled shading with blue ink. I really like that sword!
Idruaada isn’t only a great model and sculpt, but also a fearsome choice in a muster. Obviously he’s a sorcerer and his strength is his high temper attribute as well his staff which increases the invocation dice of every invocation he casts by two. The thus created damage output is scary! Back in the Quickstarter Rules-days he once was my only model left, but then unleashed a barrage in a single activation that finished off all three (heavily injured) remaining units of my opponent. Now with the new rules for spell selection, I don’t even dare to imagine him with “Spear of Ice”, a very powerful, long-range spell only Belech had access to earlier and that is infamous for once killing a Vasilisk outright.
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