Monday, 18 January 2016

Monday Previews!


Welcome to another Monday, lets shake off the start of week work blues and have a look at what miniature goodness is floating around the writer's desks. It's looking like a very strong start to 2016 as we actually have lots of fully painted, near fully painted miniatures, ready and lined up for photo shoots!

After a busy weekend getting some of last years photos up on the blog, I dug out and finally finished off some figures that have been lurking around for a while. With my return to Chaos Daemons, it seemed only right to liberate the Nurgle minions from their crusty storage box and add them to my ever growing collection. it is quite surprising to see just how close to completion these were, before I hit a mental block with the painting.

So over the weekend I finished off fourteen Plaguebearers, three stands of Nurglings and built three Plague Drones. As you see, Skarbrand is back out, waiting to get a covering of liquid green stuff with the Drones. A very productive weekend, that has given me a huge motivation boost this week. Gallery shots of the Plaguebearers and Nurglings will be posted within the next two weeks and next in-line is finish the Exalted Seeker chariot and make a start painting Pink Horrors.

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After the arrival of my long awaited Wave 1 shipment of KD:M, I finally got my hands on the last resin miniatures I needed for my full collection. I'm now the proud owner of every 28mm resin miniature officially offered by Kingdom Death (I don't care much for the 54mm and those strange, failed grab bag minis). To celebrate this I began work on a miniature that I loved for ages now and couldn't wait to finally receive. The Lion Knight 2nd. I'm actually pretty far concerning his paint job, but am pondering at the moment what approach to go by concerning the face. So I had a little fun with Photo shop, to have a look at my different ideas.
I'd love to try out the "skin version". Basically showing that the Lion Knight has human origins and was crafted/shaped to look more like a lion, but am not sure it'll look the way I imagine. Any comments on the matter would be appreciated.

To see more of my work, please visit my Gallery

A solid looking January so far!

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