Monday, 4 January 2016

Monday Previews!

Greetings, it's the first Monday of 2016 and therefore time to see what we are working on here at Send The Eighth! Blog. Over the holiday period, the writers got a lot of nice goodies, not just as gifts, but also from various Kickstarter projects that owed packages. So without further delay, lets see what new toys are lurking around the writer's work desks...

Over December, I finally got my AvP: Aliens Vs Predator The Hunt Begins board game! Having waited near two years for the basic product to arrive, I am keen to get those figures painted and showcased in the future. Further more it seems that Prodos will be making a push to have all remaining backer packages, out the warehouse and shipped by the end of February - of course salt with this, as dates provided in the past have slipped...massively.

So to keep me going until then, I have been working on my much enlarged Chaos Daemons project! Originally intended to be a mono-Khorne army, but the sheer variety of figures was too much of a temptation. As a result all four powers will now be represented in my collection. The first models to be worked on in 2016 are Exalted Seeker Chariots Of Slaanesh. These models are extremely an extremely cool addition to the collection with bladed wheels, four mounts and crew. The kit does have a terribly habit of snagging on clothes and can be fiddly at times to build, but luckily for me I have a soft spot for chariots!

Above shows the progress of my first Exalted chariot. As you can see it is nearing the final stages of the build.

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Apart from being a great game, Kingdom Death: Monster also sparked my love for their resin sculpts and so I've been working on some of those lately. Currently on my table is the butcher which I hope will be finished today. My Butcher will be following the scheme of my Forsaker Knights as he is basically one of them but gone mad.
The picture is right after I blocked in the true metallic paints. Copper and silver are the best ones to use, as the others seem to get thicker and oily with every use. I'm actually a step further on the model now and washed it, but the result differs greatly from the Forsaker armour, so I might have to go back again. I'll show you my results soon.
To see more of my work, please visit my Gallery
So there we have it to kick off the year! I am hoping that we have a strong start to January with fully painted photo shots and games, but of course it is early days yet!
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Chris & Sven
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