Friday, 22 January 2016

Galllery: Kingdom Death - White Knight Heavy Version By Sven

The heavy White Knight is an alternative version of the White Knight which I’ve already painted a while ago. It sports a heavy weapon and wears slightly different armour. Apart from that it is pretty similar to the original, so I’ll keep it short to prevent being repetitive.

The interesting part about this model kit is that it actually comes with a choice of weapons, which is quite unusual for Kingdom Death models. As you can see in this picture it offers a choice of either a lion hammer or a huge, spiked ball.

Without a doubt the ball is ultra-cool and mighty, but it felt a little comic-like and not totally fitting with my image of the KD world. So I went with the hammer, which also brings the lion theme. Should I ever get my hands on a second White Knight (Heavy), I’ll add it to my collection and arm it with the spiked ball.

I’ve already spoken about my approach for the metallic white armour when I wrote the article for the standard White Knight, but didn’t take WIPs back then. So here’s a quick visual step by step.

Starting with a base coat of Gunmetal, I covered everything apart from the deepest recesses with pure silver. That still had to be covered by three layers of the metallic white to get a nice coverage. The swirls were then added with pure silver again which even proved quite dark, so I covered them with pure metallic medium to get a more subtle effect.

Sadly the swirls don’t show well on the finally pictures. Overall it proved to be a real pain to take pictures of the metallic white.

The part I’m most happy with is the cloak. I think this time it worked best. The Lion Knight 1st had a too bright white colour, the original White Knight had too dark shades, but now it is all nice and smooth and a really good tone, while still looking a bit worn out.

Just like the original version, the White Knight (Heavy) was quickly done and a pleasure to paint, apart from that annoying metallic white. With this guy finished I’m pretty close to having all the servants of the Golden Entity painted, just the Lion Knight 2nd left for now and as you know that one is already in work.

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