Saturday, 16 January 2016

Gallery: Prodos Games Warzone Resurrection - Cybertronic Eradicator By Chris

Painted in 2014 for Prodos Games as part of their Salute Trade Display. This Eradicator is an iconic model of the Mutant Chronicles/Warzone range. It is a massive chunk of resin, which proved to be a nice challenge to paint due to the client's color scheme; which involved large white plating. To ensure that the model was not overly plain, I opted to add hand painted battle damage, free hand symbols and a few glow effects, sadly what cannot be seen in the photo, is the free hand green circuitry under the chin of the model. I did have a bit of a mishap though, the blaster glow did not turn out as expected due to my colour selection, despite this, the Eradicator is a great model from a fantastic company and is a must have for any fan of the Mutant Chronicles/Warzone Resurrection Cybertronic fan.

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