Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Gallery: Kingdom Death - The Butcher By Sven

Actually I can’t believe that I’m finally writing this article now. This special miniature stood on my desk for ages and I kept on postponing the work on it. I can’t even tell you why, as I really like the model, but just as the King’s Man I was never in the right mood for the kind of work it required. Lots of OSL and metals to do. In the end he also took a bit longer to paint than normal, just because I paused several times. But finally here he is:

Like I already mentioned in the Mondays Preview when I showed him primed, I used the Forsaker Knights for orientation, as the Butcher is basically a Forsaker that has succumbed to the rage of his mask. I started with the fur and bone, as dry brushing always tends to be a bit messy. The fur is painted Vallejo Earth, Desert Yellow and Khaki, just like the barren floor of my bases.
For the metals I checked back with my own article and used Vallejo True Metallic Copper for the armour and Silver for the blades just as I wrote back then. Strangely I felt like the Copper was much too red for the colour that Forsaker armour bears.
Nevertheless I moved on, washing the armour with sepia and brown washes like I originally, accidentally did with the Forsaker Knights. But the tone stayed too red. So finally I had to add a strong highlight with Vallejo True Metallic Red Gold and conduct the whole procedure again. To show the difference I didn’t touch the back and as you can see on the picture it appears redder than the shoulders and legs, which have been treated with red gold. I can’t say I didn’t like the reddish colour or that it looked bad, but I’m just a sucker for those “fluff connections”, so it had to be the Forsaker colour.
Finally I had to tackle all the lanterns. For a stronger effect I probably should’ve used a darker tone on the fur, but as you possibly guessed, it follows the Forsaker colour scheme. As does the cape itself of course. For the light I used a lot of Vallejo Pale Yellow which just works great for light effects. I’m also very happy with the flayed skin on his belly. Looks nice and fleshy.

A lot of  fine detail work and some fun with Tamiya Clear red later the Butcher was finally done. Also I still think the colours a little bit too bright overall which lessens the OSL work on him, but whenever I look at him he looks better than I actually expect him to do…

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