Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Gallery: Kingdom Death - Savior and Man-Hunter By Sven

Today I have a special installation of my Kingdom Death Gallery for you. I managed to get my hands on a big part of my Kingdom Death collection with the help of my pal DiStudios and he had already started to work on two figures from the Gift of Death-Box when I asked him for the miniatures. The Savior and the Man-Hunter. It was a cool challenge to finish the paintjob of another painter.
Let’s begin with the Savior:
The Saviors’ skin and main cloth were already finished when I received it. DiStudios had used bright yet slightly pastel colours on it. I really loved the blending on the green and dark blue parts and don’t think I could’ve done this that nicely. The challenge for me was to adjust my style to the previous paint job and to get that pastel-like look which was very foreign for me.
When I tackled the Savior I used mainly blues on the remaining cloths. As you can see I managed to fit the original blue quite nicely on the pants, but got a bit too light on the stockings. The most difficult part was actually to get the fitting colours on the ribbons on the staff, as I wanted to match all three colours of the main miniature, but I think I managed quite well. To get to said pastel-like look I mixed the bright colours with some bone white. To contrast with the serene and rather happy Savior I added a gory head to the base which is happily ignored by the girl.
The second partly pre-painted model I received was the Man-Hunter an iconic piece of Kingdom Death history and, if I’m not mistaken, the first adversary they released.
As you can see the skin, cloths and wood were greatly prepared by DiStudios. Especially the skin certainly took a lot of efforts. So all that remained for me was basing and finishing the details.
As you can see I added some red, bone and metal details here and there and tinted the skin a bit to the brown side, as that was always my personal image of the Man-Hunter. Oh yeah… I had to re-attach the gallow-rope a million times ;-)
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