Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Gallery: Kingdom Death - Frogdog By Sven

Yeah! Finally it’s time for some serious “WTF” and totally “NSFW” again! …I wonder whether my glee upon that topic is something I should be questioning… nah, probably normal (says my cat). Well, back on topic: Today’s model is a result of my favourite creative team. Concept by Adam Poots, artwork by Danny Cruz and sculpted by Allan Carrasco. That team is responsible for two of my absolutely most loved sculpts: The Forge God and the Lion God (which I’m still waiting to be released in resin). So we’re totally in for something truly weird today, the model goes by the rather harmless name of  “Frogdog”, but nothing could be more deceptive.
So here we have it! Much more human than we’d like, a nearly disgusting amount of whelps… and that face! Obviously I loved it and had to get to work as soon as it jumped over my porch via priority shipping.

The main body and dog-pile consist only of two big pieces each and that ended in some serious gaps after dry-fitting. Especially at the lower back. But the sheer size of the model was great to see. The base is a 100mm base from Darklands and there’s nearly no room left for regular basing (Yay! I hate basing!).

As you can see I left the face/upper jaw unattached, as I found it nearly unreachable with a brush once attached. The gums were done with a dark red skin tone and then washed red until finally highlighted with a mix of gory red and light grey. I’m especially happy with how the tongue turned out. The blending worked nice and the rosy flesh looks great. Before I attached the jaw to the model I washed the teeth with soft tone, highlighted them with off white and covered the whole mouth with gloss varnish to get a wet look.
One would think that it takes some time to settle for a skin tone for that monster, but when I saw the model I was sure right away that I’d use a healthy human skin tone. It’s just the most disturbing sight in my opinion (apart from really pale and translucent maybe). As you can see in the picture above I started with a strong base coat of tan colour, which looks way too orange in the pic…

I’d love to provide you with a clear step by step for the skin now, but truth is: It was a terrible back and forth with Tallarn Flesh as a basis, mixed with browns, other flesh tones and washed with Reiksland Fleshshade  (which to my surprise is a great replacement for my discontinued but beloved Ogryn Flesh wash), red washes and purple washes. For the breasts I used some Dheneb Stone and washed it lightly with flesh tone, after drawing the veins.
The colour of the eyes happened more by accident when I washed the white eyes with flesh tone as well. Really like it now.

Much more difficult to choose was the approach on the dog-pile. I had ideas like Dalmatian patterns, all dogs one breed or well, all different. As you see I finally went with the tiresome work of painting all the butts in a lot of different shades of brown and grey. I refrained from using more than one colour on single dogs, as it would have become really busy and hard to make out single dogs. I think the result is fine and doesn’t draw too much attention from the Frogdog itself. Have a look at the final showcase pieces:

Right, I won’t just leave you alone with this. Yes, that’s really what you are thinking: Heads on its shoulders are giving birth to the dogs from their *unusual* mouths. Where did you think all the dogs came from? ^^
From an artistic point of view I tried to make the skin around the mouths look strained by the constant stretching and of course added some wet look to the orifices themselves. I think the newborn whelps got an appropriate slimy look with the threads (made from glue) and I really like the fur pattern on the beige one. I guess you can’t really tell from the pics (and probably not even in real life), but I actually tried to make the eyes of the faces look milky white and blind, with the pupil just showing matt underneath. I tried to pull that look off by applying Vallejo grey wash to the finished eyes. Looks better on some eyes than on others…
Overall I adore the Frogdog and am happy to be one of the first painters to showcase a painted one.
Thanks for reading, more Kingdom Death soon to come!
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  1. Well well done on that not-disgusting-at-all thing.

    Especially the (perfectly fine) organic parts.

    1. Thanks! I'm glad that you're also able to appreciate its obvious beauty ^^ The model was a great practice in varying a single skintone over a big miniature.

  2. Nice job.. though I feel this is one monster that seems out of place in the KD universe. Too plebeian looking.

    1. Thank you. I guess I understand were you're coming from, but I think it goes well with models like the Gorm or Nightmare Ram. All these semi-human animals.

  3. That face is intense. Great job, I love how it came out. What happened to your /r/kingdomdeath post?

    1. Thanks a lot! I was surprised myself by how well the face worked out. I lightened the skin up a bit there to make it pop.
      I'm unsure which reddit post you're refering to. They're all there as far as I can tell..?

  4. I really like how it came out, thanks for sharing! BTW What happened to your /r/kimgdomdeath post?