Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Realms Of Chaos: Born From Violence The Unriven!

Greetings and welcome back to the waste lands, a Champion has risen and his influence rises. let me tell you the tale of Drogorn 'The Unriven' Champion Of Khorne.

So my Champion has a name, and one I quite like as it is based on an old character I use to play many years ago, I do have a background story for him, but will share that in another post. For now, I am content with the fact I have a model that matches the rolls I made and am eager to get the miniature to at least an undercoat stage by the weekend.
Some amendments had to be made to his retinue of beastmen as something was annoying me about the way the I had been painting the skin tones, while nice, the skins seemed to clash with the image in my head, which bothered me so much, that I lost motivation to paint for a couple of days. During this time I decided to re-read Slave To Darkness, and re-discovered that Khorne Beastmen could be either red or black skinned. Idea really appealed to me as a compliment to the red, brass rimmed armour, so with this in mind, I set about repainting a couple of miniatures with the new skin tones.

As you have probably noticed from the photos as well, is that I have transferred the miniatures to square 25mm bases. While the prospect of circle bases gives me more options, I prefer the overall nostalgic look of square. Once I started ranking the miniatures up, my mind was completely made up.

The remainder of Drogorn's retinue waits for me at the post office - Two Ogres. These impressive figures will really make the Warband stand out due to their size. I do have a paint scheme in mind that will make them a cohesive unit but am still working on the background to work them in to the Champions path for glory (or damnation!), while certainly not the hardest unit to mesh with a Chaos Champion, I do want to make sure it turns out to be a good read.

Last week I mentioned about combining elements of Age Of Sigmar with the Realms Of Chaos, however things have now changed. It seems my Warband has inspired a bit of nostalgia in an old friend, and currently he is building a 3rd Edition Wood Elf army using Skarloc's archers and the heavy chariot. So it does seem I will be using the 3rd Edition rule set after all, long live Oldhammer!

On a final note, with my retinue purchases 'finished' I have started to turn my attentions to building the army of Khorne that will follow Drogorn. Next week, I will hopefully have some very interesting photos of my Champions future allies...

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