Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Realms Of Chaos: Welcome (Back) To The Wastelands By Chris

Greetings and welcome (back) to the Wastelands! regular followers will have noticed that my Twitter feed has been rife with Oldhammer activities. What was meant to be a small addition to an existing project, has very quickly spiraled into a full blown collection. For the uninitiated (or simply not old enough), Realms Of Chaos was one of a pair of iconic books released in the 80's that set the tone for all things Chaos in the world of Warhammer/Age Of Sigmar. Back then miniatures were single pose individual miniatures, which held a huge amount of character. It is this 'character' that the miniatures had, that pretty much set up Games Workshop as the dominant force in the toy solider industry.

So where do I fit in all of this? I actually started the hobby in 1989 with (you guessed it) - Rogue Trader. However as much as I loved Space Marines and the whole sci-fi setting, I did (and to a degree still do) prefer the Fantasy setting and miniatures. Amusingly enough it was the release of this year's Skarbrand, that finally got me back into Fantasy and more importantly Oldhammer in a big way.

From the start, I knew it was going to be Beastmen. As a teen, I had a large Beastmen army under the 5th Edition Realms Of Chaos rule set by Tuomas Pirinin, but this time round, I wanted to go a little further back in time, more of a 'what if I had chosen Fantasy over Rogue Trader' in 1989. So I had a look through my spares and did a little buying on eBay, resulting in the figures seen in this post. At time of writing I have seven Realms Of Chaos Beastmen, in various stages of cleaning and painting. In the post are more miniatures and I expect those to arrive by the end of the week - including a Champion Of Khorne on Juggernaut.

As you have probably noticed, my miniatures are on round bases, rather than the traditional squared and this might seem counter productive to the whole scope of Oldhammer, but essentially I want to enjoy gaming with these pieces and since my partner enjoys Age Of Sigmar - round bases it is. Also, I intend to the use the models as a 2nd Edition Daemon World army...and who knows, maybe in the distant future Forge World may write a Daemon World list of their own! In the mean time I hope you join me each week, on my journey through the Chaos Wastes, who knows what miniatures may turn up in the future!

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  1. They look great! I love Beastmen too, in fact I was about to jump (back) in to WHFB and start a Beastmen army and then GW killed the game.

    Have you read the fluff for them in Liber Chaotica?

    Based like that you could certainly use them as a mutant army from the Renegades and Heretics IA13 book for 40K, and pop them in a movement tray for WHFB/KoW.

    1. Thanks for checking out the post!

      You read my mind concerning the cross system use, I was thinking of using them as a proxy for Chaos Daemon, but I will go ahead and check out the IA13 list.

      I have read the Liber Chaotica, but it was quite some time ago, but now I am back following the Chaos Gods, it will be on the reading list again!

  2. Nice paint job, and love the late 80's beastmen.

    Personally I think round bases are aesthetically more pleasing than square, you can use them in AoS or 40K, and there are a number of interesting skirmish games out there so you can get in some games even with small numbers of models (personal favourites are Lion Rampant and Otherworld Skirmish). Bit of a win win really

    1. Thanks for checking out the post and the kind words on the paint job, these figures are proving extremely fun to paint.

      On the subject of bases, I am undecided as to colour/theme - do I go the traditional green flock route or something totally crazy...I will probably have to take a vote on that one, when the time arrives haha