Friday, 30 October 2015

Realms Of Chaos: A Champion Rises! By Chris

So today I did something a little random.  Keeping in theme with the Chaos Warbands ideal, I decided to roll my Chaos Champion and his retinue. This gives me some nice direction for the collection and stops me going overboard with the buying; because in all honesty buying old Warhammer is not cheap at times. So today I am going to share my just exactly what I rolled on those masses of D100 and D1000 tables...

So naturally, my Champion is a Chaos Warrior and he must already be favoured by Khorne, as I managed to not only roll a Chaos Steed, but also the upgrade to make it a Juggernaut. On the mutation side of things, nothing to nasty at all, just a Bestial face, which is fine, as my Champion wears his helmet at all times. If I do decide to convert something though, at least I have the option!

Lucky for me, my Champion has loyal minions at his disposal and I managed to roll high, giving me access to two rolls on the retinue table. Further to my advantage, the first roll unlocked no less than 10 Beastmen! I have to admit, I would have been very frustrated if I had not gotten to use the figures I have been slaving over, for the last few days. The second roll, yielded a double edged sword - Ogres, two of them! I love Ogre miniatures, especially Oldhammer ones, however they are extremely pricey pieces to get hold of. But keeping in the spirit of things, I bought two of my favourites and hid the receipts...

Now introducing Oldhammer (Warhammer 3rd Edition) to new people is actually really difficult in this day and age. There is a significant lack of time to play 3-4 hour games, unless you are a bachelor, unemployed or retired. So people reading are probably wondering as to what the point of all this is and how does it relate to today? Well I am actually going to be mixing gaming systems: Realms Of Chaos with Age Of Sigmar.

The unit choices from Realms Of Chaos are actually a pretty good fit with the War scrolls system. With a little agreement with my fellow gamers, the odd numbers of models will not make much of a difference; and translating the old models to new scrolls should not waste anyone's time at all - Although I am sure the sheer ancientness will draw a few people to look.

In terms of keeping with progression, I have worked that out also. With each game I play, I will pretty much follow the rewards and attributes process from a model making level. Anything that changes stats I will not touch - it is simply too much work at this stage. I will also be using the tally chart from the Realms Of Chaos book, to generate favour with the Gods, tweeking as I see fit, if things get a little too overpowering. In this way I should be able to build my army in the same way as the old system, without limiting myself to one group of gamers. 

So with my list set, all I need is to find my Guinea pig/opponent. Once I have a game set in stone, I will be posting up a direct War Scroll conversion for my War Band, along with a battle report. All models for the above list should be in my hands and in stages of painting by then, so you will get to see exactly what it looks like. And who knows, this might inspire some of you readers to create your own retro themed warbands?. 

I hope you find this concept intriguing and more importantly fun, and I hope you will join me on a regular basis to see how my new Champion Of Khorne and his Warband evolve over time!

Thanks for reading,

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