Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Product Review: Wrath Of Kings By Sven

As previously shown in a past Mondays Preview, I’ve lately received some nice boxes from the Wrath of Kings Kickstarter by CMoN. The Kingdom Death nerd in me couldn’t resist the temptation of a nice cross-over miniature and when I looked through their stuff, I fell in love with the concept art of the Ancient King and Orsund Cavalier. Nice thing is that each model fits for one of my collected ranges.
Let’s begin with the Ancient King. It’s a promo model with absolutely ridiculous rules and not really supposed to see play. I got it because I loved the art and thought it’d be a nice Tomb King.
This model was the only plastic that had a sprue. The parts fit perfectly and within a minute I was able to build this model without the use of any glue. Not very stable, but really nice to work with.

The model is a plastic cast and I must admit that the fine detail on the armour seems quite blurred and soft, but I also had a Mierce mini that looked a bit soft, but actually wasn’t when primed, so I’ll save final judgement for later. Another point is the scale. I think true 28mm would fit best. Meaning: He’s a bit on the small side when compared to heroic 28mm models like GW or Mierce characters. More on sizes later.
Now on to the cross-over:

As you can see here, all the models come in lavish big boxes, packed in a special plastic tray. The contents are separately packed in clear plastic bags. I must admit un-boxing these was fun.
As soon as I took Dame Allison out of the bags I realised that there was a difference to the two regular WoK figures. The detail was way sharper, the sprue had a very familiar feel to it. I’m not 100% sure, but I think the Twilight Knight is actually a resin miniature, also not the regular Kingdom Death resin. The cast is great, apart from a huge air bubble that basically removed half of her right foot, but I won’t return it as that surely will take ages and I think I can deal with it.
The scale also fits KD perfectly. Have a look next to my Forsaker Pin-Up.
Finally on to the most interesting model: The Orsund Cavalier
The box size is actually perfect for a model of this size. The tray was filled to the top and there was no room for the parts to be thrown around during transportation.
Let’s begin with the rider and the base, also they are only of minor interest to me, as I’ll use the model for Darklands. The base is 80mm and the rider comes with different options for torso, heads and arms. The cast seems clean and only some minor cleaning has to be done. Once again the parts fit perfectly.
Here is the monster I was looking for. Perfectly clean and dry fit out of the box. There are also two different options for every tentacle. Actually I’m not sure whether the alternatives will be available with the regular release or whether those are Kickstarter only. At this point I’ll mention right away that the “additional” tentacles are obviously of minor sculpting quality. Especially the skin lacks texture and the tips aren’t sharp at all, more comic like.
Have a look at the two options next to my Darklands Mananaan. Again no glue used at all.

As you can see the cast on the Kraken is crisp and nicely detailed. To my plain eye it looks a whole lot better than the Ancient King and was sooo convenient to build.

To conclude this un-boxing I have the promised scale shots for you. The human sized pieces next to each other:
And a general scale shot including a Darklands and Kingdom Death mini for reference.
In general I’m very happy with the models. The quality of the plastics is great and the designs don’t scream “Plastic!” in your face once primed, like those of GW which can be recognised as digital plastic casts from miles away. I’m really looking forward to converting and painting the Kraken for my Darklands Fomoraic. It will be ridden by Kraan instead of the usual bear and I’m excited to see how it compares to the high end resins from Mierce.
I hope you enjoyed this un-boxing and it might have sparked your interest in the range, which holds several really unique concepts and nice sculpts.
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  1. Really interesting that you thought the KS 'extra' bits were a bit on the weak side too, I noticed that with the Gortisi blood engine as well. I wonder if they were all done by a 'house' sculptor rather than the hired talent who did the initial sculpts?

    I love the Teknes pig men, they are worth having just to paint

  2. Hey Orlando,
    your assumption could very well be correct, if you noticed that on other alternate parts too.

    - Sven

  3. Great to see info on these guys. I was recently looking into WoK due to the gorgeous mini's, and just preordered the KD game to boot!

    1. Funny you'd mention the KD game... ;-)