Monday, 26 October 2015

Monday Previews!

Greetings everyone! it's Monday, which means time to have a look at what is going on with the writers here at Send The Eighth! As always a eclectic selection of miniatures are flying about...

I have been hit by the nostalgia bat! What started off as a idea, is starting to transform into something altogether bigger. The original concept was to get the odd Beastman miniature from the Realms Of Chaos range to bring a little colour to my fledgling Daemon army. However after having so much fun painting them, I have decided that the army will now become a Daemon World army. For those who don't know, the fundamental difference is that a Daemon World army is a mix of mortals and Daemons from worlds within the Warp, so contain elements of Beastmen, Minotaurs, Daemons and renegade humans!

I have around a dozen very old Beastmen either in the post, undercoated or sitting in paint stripper. It is all extremely nostalgic! From a painting perspective, I am having an absolute blast, since it brings me back to being a kid and more importantly, each and every model is an individual with every sculpt having it's own distinct character to it.

Even if these never see the table, they will probably be the jewels in my new display cabinet!

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Following my last preview I went right on and tackled the first starting miniatures. As I now have most of the models as resin pieces as well, I aimed for a moody look that's easy to do and doesn't need me to paint all the figures twice. Due to all the lanterns, the dark setting and the board art the models just lend themselves to some monochrome light source painting. Never tried it before, but they are just gaming pieces, so the result fit my expectations quite well. Have a look:
Already started on more survivors and some monsters, but will have to find a solution to get faces on the monster bases. Might have to try out moulding for the first time...
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So plenty of cool stuff going on, ranging from nostalgic 80's miniatures to contemporary horror. If you enjoy looking at fully painted miniatures, please visit our respective galleries. Also keep your eyes on our Twitter feed as I have some very cool commission miniatures to share throughout the week!
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