Monday, 12 October 2015

Monday Previews!

Greetings all, it's Monday; which means time to see what the writers here at Send The Eighth! have been working on.

Despite what was a great start, it has unfortunately been a very bad hobby week for me! I made the mistake of following the Games Workshop video on painting the Bloodthirster and the results were less than satisfying. If you are ok with gaming standard dry brushed creatures, then it is a fine method to use, but for me there was a lot lacking, when compared to some of the other figures I have painted this year. So as a result no pictures for me today as the Bloodthirster is now sitting in a pile of power spray...

To make up for, this week I will instead be working on some Bloodcrushers of Khorne; which should be arriving tomorrow; to use as a dry run for painting the rest of the army. Despite the rules, I am a big fan of the models and am looking forward to having those in my collection. Now if only they would hurry up and release some plastic Flesh Hounds!

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I guess it's already well-known that Kingdom Death: Monster finally reached its backers. Last Monday was the happy day for me and when I came home from work a big and heavy box awaited.
My excitement was huge and from what I can tell my box is complete and without flaws. The sheer amount of tiny bits on the sprues is fearsome though, and naturally I took some pictures!
The box came with two additional cardboard boxes, one was in the main box, the other holds the additional Kickstarter bonus pieces:

Of course I couldn't restrain myself from building some stuff right away. Basically I finished all miniatures that don't belong to the highly customisable armour sets, as I'm unsure on what set-up I should build them in. The Phoenix was a special puzzle, as the building instructions are not on line yet, I had to find the right spots for 28 tiny hands on its wings. Somehow it was great fun:

Overall the quality of the plastics is great (especially the Phoenix). The only thing that didn't fully hold up to my expectations was the rulebook. The print is great, but the pages are very thin and the black softcover is very easily damaged. There were also some minor glue streams that kinda soil the artwork on the first page. As unboxings seem to be everywhere on the net, I'll be focusing more on the miniatures for the upcoming articles on KD:M and maybe a gaming report once in a while. Can't wait to get my hands on wave 1 and 3.

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So some disasters and some surprises! Hopefully this week will go a little better for me, but in Sven's case; I cannot wait to see what submits in the future!

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  1. 28 tiny hands? OMFG what have I gotten myself into!

    1. Haha, if you were more patient than I am you could of course just wait for the instruction. ;-P
      I must admit, that the last two hands I had didn't really fit the remaining spots... so I made them fit ^^ Overall I think the two Intimacy figures and the Hand were the most difficult minis to assemble. The Phoenix was fun ;-)