Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Gallery: Darklands Infernii - Fiends of Dis By Sven

Finally it’s the Inferniis' turn again in my grand Darklands showcase series. Since I showed you Malacant I’ve shown a model of each of my other hosts and I think it’s more than time to show you the backbone of my army - The Fiends of Dis, a unit of five demonic monstrous infantry.
The approach for the skin and hair of my figures is the same for all demons. The sickly pale skin in contrast with the black stained hair gives them a corrupted look. Sadly the pictures don’t show the subtle shades of pink, red and violet very well, but actually each fiend has a slightly different skin tone.
The demons wield the Axes of Dis which inflict “hellfire damage” and to get some colour onto the models I went with this molten look. This was painted from the inside out, just like the effect on the bases. So I basically blended the whole blade from red to yellow before adding the metal layer on top. The final look differs quite a bit from model to model. I especially like it on the first Fiend I at the top.
While the regular fiends are mainly unarmoured apart from their belts, the champion of the Fiends wears a should pad that allowed me to make him stick out without introducing a flashy colour, which is something I’m trying to avoid for this host.
I originally had the banner black with a golden cross, but the cross just had no presence in that combination. Inspired by the artwork I went for a light banner colour, which basically mirrors the skin of the fiends and painted the cross in nasty demon manner in blood.
The fiends are the lowliest of all demons of Dis, but still represent one of the most fearsome monstrous infantry units in the game. With their skill being a bit higher than most monstrous units and their overall great might and constitution they’re able to tank most attacks while delivering a good amount of damage in return. I’ve been on the receiving end of Sronax; really strong and resistant unit of Rhino men; several times and it was brutal…and yet the Fiends are even a bit stronger! I'd love to supply a great tactic here, but "In your face" usually works best with these guys!
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  1. Sven,
    Really nice piece. The skin, and especially the faces are extremely well done. If I had any critique, it would be the interaction of the bases with the models. They look plopped on the bases. A little bit of red and yellow tones on the feet and lower legs would go a massive way to help make them look like they are actually walking on lava!

    1. Thanks Greg, the skin was a good deal of work and I'm happy you mentioned it. You're critique is well placed and I think justified. Somehow the thought never crossed my mind, but you're right. But I'll try to keep it subdued.

      Best Sven

    2. As an alternate to the red/yellow tones on the feet, you could probably also just put some dusting of charcoal type dust or soot from where the feet basically shrugged off the lava heat, and just got carbon'd up! It's a lovely paintjob!

    3. I had a similar thought. I'll probably add some dark tone under the feet and then do some slight orange/yellow light effects on the skin.
      Thanks a lot for your input. It's greatly appreciated.
      I'll make sure to show my progress here.

    4. Awesome! Look forward to it!

  2. I absolutely love these, absolutely gorgeous work. Do you mind sharing a little more the method/colours you used on the skin?

    1. Thanks for your kind words. Glad you like them. The skin is actually done quite easily, but it's a bit of trial and error 'til you find a tone you like. Another problem is, that it's based on Citadel Dheneb Stone which is OOP.
      Anyway, here the basic approach:
      - Good coat of Citadel Foundation Dheneb Stone on a white basecoat
      - Wash Citadel Ogryn Flesh (the new Reikland Fleshshade works fine too)
      - Drybrush of Dheneb Stone
      - Drybrush Vallejo Off White-/Khaki-mix
      - Wash with a mix of the following Vallejo washes: grey, red, fleshtone, violet (This is basically the mix that decides the final hue)
      - Final, light drybrush of Off White with the slightest hint of Khaki
      - If it's not pale enough for your liking add a final glaze of Vallejo Pale Grey Wash + drop of white + water.

      Hope that helps.

      Best Sven

    2. Awesome thanks so much. I literally was just assembling these guys yesterday comma and wanted something with it with some purplish tones but I didn't want to go full-on purple and I was debating how to go about it. I love this effect I think I'm going to play around with it and tweak it just to get to what I was looking for.

    3. No problem Todd, I'm happy that my approach to the fiends inspired you.