Thursday, 24 September 2015

Darklands: Savage Hordes Kickstarter

Mierce Miniatures are at it again, with a brand new Kickstarter - Darklands: Savage Hordes! This new KS deals with bringing the ranged element to the existing armies of the Darklands universe, with archers, crossbows and possibly artillery being thrown into the mix. With this new expansion comes a new expansion rule set, which will cover the above mentioned units. Right now, two factions are being offered, but of course like with all KS, new toys will be unlocked as we roll on. For now, take a look below at the two lovely factions being initially offered: Albainn and Jutes. For those who have no experience with Mierce Miniatures, the miniatures follow extremely closely to the the artwork especially in terms of detail.

The high quality resin sets; which is similar to what Studio McVey; clock in at £90, however metal versions of the sets are also being offered at £60, which significantly brings the cost down for those looking to bag large amounts of high detailed miniatures for army building. I personally have gone for the resin, as I just prefer working with resin these days. This time round, I will be doing my very best to keep readers here up to date on the Darklands project, but as always, visit the project directly for the most up to date news.

As a final note, the core rule book is coming into it's final stages before being sent to printers, so it means there will be a dedicated system for all of these lovely miniatures. All I can say, is that if you are not a fan of the simplicity of AoS, and miss the challenging complexity of Warhammer Fantasy Battle, then you probably should check out what Mierce Miniatures has to offer. To see learn more about Mierce Miniatures and their rule set (free PDFs) check out their site - Mierce Miniatures

Darklands: Savage Hordes is up and running now, with 19 days on the clock! Keep a close eye as we lead into the weekend, as I am sure the Mierce team will be unveiling brand new artwork, which is always worth a view.

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Monday, 14 September 2015

Monday Previews!

Greetings on this rather grey looking day. It's Monday, so why not wipe away those start of week blues by taking a look at some of the projects being worked on by the Send The Eighth! writers. We have a good mix of projects today, which will make for a much more interesting read.

I have not had a lot of luck with GW products recently. Each GW/FW project seems to become a black hole of cash, while simultaneously creating a mountain of resin, which I inevitably end up selling off. So it was a total surprise to me, that I would be inspired by a few left pieces from a forgotten bits box. Below is the starts to a new Crimson Fists force; and in case you are having deja vu; yes I did actually start a Crimson Fists project a while back, however there is one subtle difference - these is Rogue Trader themed.

In a throw back to my child hood, I am making my force entirely out of MK 6 Corvus armour, with the 25th Anniversary figure acting as Pedro Kantor, and as you can see from above, I have made some progress since starting the project 24 hours ago, with the blues in the final phases of painting. Forge World's Horus Heresy range has proven incredibly useful, not just in the armour department, but also vehicles, with the Deimos pattern Rhino chassis, being the perfect update for Rogue Trader's original. I am quite excited about this project as an addition to my Mierce Norse collection and am looking forward to sharing my progress.

To see more of my work, please visit my Gallery

This weekend another of my Kickstarter projects paid off. After quite some waiting time; and after I piggybacked a supporter of CoolMiniOrNots's Wrath of Kings; my three models finally arrived. Basically that order ties in with every single of my active projects. I got an awesome octopus mount for my Darklands Fomoraic, and Kingdom Death cross-over and the Ancient King for my Tomb Kings.

As you can see the boxes are really nice and huge (I included the other models to give you a comparison). While the octopus is quite big, the Twilight Knight and Ancient King are just regular 28mm models, so the packaging could be considered a bit lavish. I feel really thrilled about those models and can't wait to get to work on them. When I do so I'll do a proper un-boxing, as there's quite some nice stuff to be seen.

To see the rest of my work, please visit my Gallery

Something a little different this Monday as I have a Horus Heresy Deimos Vindicator Laser Destroyer that I constructed and have started to paint for my Iron Hands. I Felt it was something that would nicely compliment my somewhat neglected collection.

I also just received another order from Mierce, Banelords and Banebeasts, so will probably be putting those together during the week. Some really lovely figures among them so will enjoy photographing them after construction.

So lots of new toys and projects going on, a little something for everyone!

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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Gallery: Darklands Infernii - Fiends of Dis By Sven

Finally it’s the Inferniis' turn again in my grand Darklands showcase series. Since I showed you Malacant I’ve shown a model of each of my other hosts and I think it’s more than time to show you the backbone of my army - The Fiends of Dis, a unit of five demonic monstrous infantry.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Site News: Like Mierce Miniatures?

We are truly back on schedule now! It has been a tumultuous few weeks, but the team is well and truly back on the hobby horse. Now we have a lot of projects going on this end, but if you are a fan of Mierce Miniatures - Darklands, you are probably going to want to pay attention to us this week! Tomorrow the infamous Sven, will be showcasing a lovely unit of monstrous infantry, and with a little luck I myself will have something to share this coming Friday.

We have a lot of painted miniatures to photograph and with a little luck and time, we will be getting them up on the blog and in the Gallery sections asap!

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