Friday, 21 August 2015

Site News: Holiday Over!

Greeting all! This week I decided that the team needed a little break to re-charge creative batteries. The last four months or so have been a constant barrage of miniature building, painting, gaming and articles. Sometimes there is such a thing as 'to much of a good thing', so a little break was in order to prevent burn out. Everyone is now back on their feet (including me!) and we have some excellent miniature content to start sharing next week. As per normal, tune in on Monday to get some insight into what we are working on!

While on my break I started considering expanding our coverage, I am a notorious Anime fan, comic, figure and statue collector! And I am in discussions with the rest of the writers as to whether we should cover the above topics in addition to Miniatures. Nothing will be diluted, but choices will be larger - that is the premise anyway!

So thanks for sticking around during our little R'n'R we shall strike back with painted miniature goodness from next week!

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  1. Breaks are good...i feel that after nova and my massive photo dump, I'm def taking a week off from painting!

    1. It has been pretty much non stop here, a good thing as it means painted toys...but I think the guys and myself were reaching burn out. On the plus side autumn winter gaming should be sorted :D !