Monday, 10 August 2015

Monday Previews!

Good morning! I hope you all had an awesome and productive hobby weekend. As always, it is Monday, which means time to have a look at what the writers here at Send The Eighth! are up to.

After a brief calm before the storm moment, the Norse Trolls are back! On the table this week, are the awesome Armoured Trolls of Toheim. As I understand it, these were sculpted by a fan of the original Norse Troll unit, with the main difference being hammers and heavy armour for equipment. To accompany them I have already cleaned and primed Thorir Troll Konungr (King), who was picked up at Salute this year as a pre-release. Finally just sneaking in, you can probably see Geat Warrior Trytheorn, who I think is based on one of the Kickstarter backers, it is a great miniature with a fantastic pose and lots of detail.

At the back you will probably see that two of the Armoured trolls are actually lacking arms, luckily for me awesome Rob has said he would provide replacements for me - with customer service and awesome miniatures like these, it is easy to see why people (including me) support this brand!

On a random note, once the above is primed and base coated, I will be left with only nine Norse figures in queue to started...

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With the imminent arrival of Kingdom Death: Monster and the awesome game play videos from GenCon I really can't wait for the delivery. So in honour of that I thought I would share a freshly un-boxed KD mini with you today. 

The White Knight (Heavy) is one of the few models from KD that comes with options. In this case one can choose between a huge spiked ball or an hammer with a lion face. I'm really unsure which one to choose. The ball is just awesomely brutal but the chain will be super brittle. The hammer is less flashy, but carries much more of the KD-vibe. ATM I'm tending towards the hammer and maybe if I get my hands on an Encore one day and build that with the ball.
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Unfortunately Lorna was unable to share her awesome Ysian host in today's Monday Previews, she is simply too busy with work. However we may see an independent article from her in the next two weeks. This will be well worth waiting for, as quite frankly, the Ysian range of miniatures are mind blowing, the level of detail on even the basic infantry is something rather special. Also plans are in motion for a new project for myself, so if you are a fan of the Horus Heresy, stay tuned...

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