Monday, 3 August 2015

Monday Previews!

Good morning it's Monday, which means time to see what the Send The Eighth! team is working on. So onwards with the toys...

I have been extremely busy this last week, working on some large Warzone Resurrection projects, which means not a lot of time for my own pieces. What little spare time I had this weekend, was spent working on the personalised shield colours for my Hrafnen crew. So far I have a nice selection of colours, which I feel give a bit more of a authentic feel to the Hrafnen crew. For me the Hrafnen crew; as sculpts; are quite far away from the archetypal Norse/Viking image, so anything that brings them more in-line is a good thing. In keeping with tradition, I have also decided to steer clear of any uniform for the clothing. This decision came about after working on Birna. Once I applied her colour scheme as an across the board scheme, the army suddenly took on a Riders Of Rohan feel, which I did not like at all.

I have also experimented with a spare 'scavenged shield' from one of my trolls. I think it looks great and again; closer to the traditional Viking look. My hope is that Mierce Miniatures makes another heavy armoured unit (chain mail shirts) that look a lot more traditional, as one of the most redeeming factor of this range, is the throw back to historical accuracy coupled with high fantasy.

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Seeing all my old, poorly painted Tomb Kings; I painted the majority of those over 10 years ago; I just couldn't bear it and decided to touch them up a bit. So right now my desk is flooded with Egyptian skeletons and given my highly rare hobby time at the moment I guess it will stay like this for a while.

Hm, that also brings back all my old conversion ideas... where's my bitz box..?

To see more of my work, please visit my Gallery

So the Fantasy vibe marches on! This week, I should be receiving a lovely box of miniatures from Mierce. Not only does this delivery contain a new character for me, but also much the much needed reinforcements for Lorna's Ysians,. You can pretty much guarantee a game will be brewing for next weekend and more than likely you will see pictures of Lorna's expanded collection of miniatures in the coming weeks.

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