Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Gallery: Kingdom Death - King's Hand By Sven

I’ve been talking so much about the King’s Hand so I guess it’s finally time to get the final pictures out there. The Hand is a pristine sculpt with an awesome Berserk vibe to it. Most obvious are of course the great detail on the armour and the head.

Just like the King’s Man I wanted to tie in with the Kings colours and create a feeling of togetherness for the whole group. So I started off by painting the coat in the equivalent colours and transferred the white colour of the Kings “curtain” and furs to the furs of the Hand.

The armour had to be different to the King’s Man to show the superiority of the Hand over his henchmen and so I simply used exclusively gold and tried to create some contrast by dark lining with brown and flesh inks. Funny enough I kept the scabbard for last, as I couldn’t decide on the colour or material of it, but my main thoughts were just leather or black, maybe red. Just by coincidence I chatted with a friend of mine who’s totally into leopard patterns (she even got it tattooed) and so this idea came to me which now makes the scabbard a great focus point of the model.

Finally I have the promised picture of the King’s Court for you, showing how the line of colours and metals ties the models together.

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  1. Gorgeous job on these models. It's good to finally see these guys finally popping up across the net and so lovely rendered!

  2. Thank you very much Greg! The view of the finally painted Court in my cabinet pleases me greatly ^^