Saturday, 25 July 2015

Product Review: Feldherr Full Size Storage Box M

A while ago, the kind people at Feldherr Figure Cases, sent us a Full Size Storage Box M to review and sadly, due to ill health, I hadn’t gotten around to it, so for the delay I wholeheartedly apologise.
First off, I am a great fan of cardboard storage boxes for figures.  They are a set size, they stack beautifully and you can fill them up in such a way that you can easily decide which bits of an army you want to bring to a game by just popping the correct box or boxes in your bag rather than sorting through multiple loose foam trays.

The full size M storage box fits 150mm of foam.  This is particularly useful for me at the moment as some of the larger Mierce models are on 120mm bases.  The tray size that Feldherr use is the old GW case dimensions, 345mm x 275mm (full size), and I am sure if you are like me that you have quite a few of those plastic shells with their red troop trays lying around. They also have half size trays if that is your preference. Just for space saving it wouldn’t be a bad idea to buy a bunch of the empty boxes and fill them with the old red foam, far easier to store.  If one wanted to find a fault, and it’s really a matter of taste, the cardboard used is not particularly thick, but that means that the boxes are not overly heavy and in all honesty they are only there to house the trays so I really like them.

I know I have mentioned the old school GW foam but I would replace it with Feldherrs own foam which is a far superior product in my opinion.  One of the trays I was supplied with is perfect for the new 32mm base size that 40k marines seem to now require (see above pic).  Looking on their website I believe this is FS0501048BO 50mm full size Figure Foam Tray with base and 48 quadratic slots.  Being 50mm (approx. 2 inches) you can fit 3 in a box.  It seems they were originally designed to hold paint pots but are a must for new style Space Marines.

Overall I think Feldherr produce a well thought out, high quality product which I highly recommend.  In fact I liked the product I was sent so much I went out and bought a few of their items myself, a backpack and a messenger bag, which I may well review in the future (spoiler, they are lovely).

Hellstrom rating: 5/5
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  1. So I am that guy that started this Feldherr discussion a while ago, when asking for a review. What do I get?
    Just kidding, good to see you're becoming a right Feldherr fan, I think their stuff is very good and the service is stunning (For example they always put enough bottom parts for the modular foams in, in case you forgot to order one, for free!).

    1. Haven't yet ordered from Feldherr directly although I had been thinking of doing so, I check out their website quite often now. Lovely to hear how good their service is. I actually got my current bags from Wayland Games as I am in the UK.