Monday, 20 July 2015

Monday Previews!

Welcome to another Monday Previews! The Age Of Sigmar, has given us quite the excuse to get our models put together and lined up for painting. While on the one hand, the new rule set has been the perfect reason to stop collecting Games Workshop miniatures, it has also been the reason for us to get our alternative miniatures out for quick fun games. For example, both Lorna and I have been using our Mierce Miniatures figure range to represent forces from the Age Of Sigmar rules.

Over the weekend, I got the chance to play test the Age Of Sigmar rules with Lorna. We used our Mierce Miniatures and had a short but incredibly fun game which literally went down to the last model standing. Because of this, I am eagerly getting more of my Trolls painted and ready for next weekends follow up match.

Secondly I have found interest to start working on scenery again. I have had the Citadel Woods for quite some time and now is the perfect opportunity to get it ready and actually used in our upcoming games. I have decided to go for a creepy wood look, with the idea of mixing, a natural looking flowery forest, with barren trees, soaked in blood and adorned with the bones of the fallen.

The intention is to get at least one more wood and then make some Gaulish style huts for Lorna's Ysian force.

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I never thought it would happen, but due to Age of Sigmar my Tomb Kings are suddenly considered a strong army. So I went in the cellar and dug my last remaining Warhammer army up. Sadly the Tomb Kings are far from my best painted WH army (that goes to my Chaos Dwarfs which I sold), but I did a nice conversion for a Hierotitan when the sphinxes were released and thought I'd share a pic with you in this place:

Unfortunately the Hierotitan was dropped in the warscrolls and now I have to think of a use for it in AoS as a simple bone giant is way too unspectacular.
I also found some unpainted stuff, so maybe I will paint some Warhammer in the closer future, just for the fun of it.

To see more of my work, please visit my Gallery

So I finally got to test out my Mierce in the battlefield! Granted we did not use the Mierce rules because..well they haven't come out yet. Instead we used the Age of Sigmar rules, which worked well for me as being new to the hobby especially the gaming side I found these rule a lot easier to digest than some of the previous games I have tried in the past.

I used the Beastsmen rules as they seemed to fit my Ysians the best, I made my shaman Malagor The Dark Omen and enjoyed experimenting with his spells, especially Viletide. My Manticore died surprisingly quickly but this was due to Chris bombarding it with his troll gank squad. I did however get some small consolation from the fact that in the throes of death it managed to wound the trolls quite severley but alas those trolls proved very hard to kill as they kept regenerating, with Chris failing his regeneration roll only once in the game. I instead focused my attacks on his frost giant which Chris using as a Dragon Ogre Shaggoth and managed to down him with viletide. I did finally manage to kill the trolls with viletide  (I love that spell)  and it was just the two generals left to face off. It was not to be though as I had only 2 wounds left by the time the two generals met and since it was Chris's turn the meeting was short lived.

I really enjoyed the match though, a lot more than expected and hope that now I understand the rules and gained a bit of knowledge about my armies abilities I will be able to beat Chris next match. I am so eager that I have ordered some bow men to give me the edge in range and try to whittle chris' trolls down before they can get their grimy hands on me.

So the Age Of Sigmar has resulted in some major changes here, revitalising what was a near zero gaming atmosphere, with a nice and simple rule set. Because our Mierce Miniatures collections work seamlessly with the updated army books, there is also no need for us to buy any GW miniatures. This situation is ideal for us, as it gives us something to use as a primer for when Mierce Miniatures finalises it's own (and more in depth) rule set.

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  1. That titan is boss! Sorry there isn't a warscrolls for him :(

  2. Haha, thanks Greg. He's my favourite TK-model. Should I still be loosing to my mates, I'll just play him as Nagash ^^