Monday, 6 July 2015

Monday Previews!

Greetings all, welcome to another Monday previews, where you get to see just what the writers of Send The Eighth! are up. one of the things I enjoy most about the Monday previews, is the sheer variety of miniatures the team works on. While for the most part we do love our  Games Workshop stuff, we are also fans of anything that in our minds look cool. So each week, you never quite know what the writers will be working on behind the scenes...

My Norse fever continues as I start work on the Malmord (mountain) Fell Troll by Mierce Miniatures. The Malmord is bigger and bulkier than the rest of the trolls and required a bit more work as you can see. There were a few gaps that needed filling and of course sanding down, before I can settle into the paint scheme.

I will be going a different direction with this figure, to (try) represent the different breed of troll. So purple/blues will be the main colours, with dark greys for the rocks imbedded in the skin. This will give me a great opportunity to mess around with various tones outside of the usual drab green of recent.

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Despite the heat I managed to finish my two servants of the King last week, but the final pictures will be saved for the full articles. 
Nevertheless I got a little "nearly finished" preview of the King's Hand for you:
Apart from this I've of course been following the ongoing Mierce Kickstarter and had a look into the new Age of Sigmar rules, as I was interested whether I could find a "use" for my Tomb Kings army and it seems it's worth a try as I even found a nice balancing approach. Let's see how that turns out.
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After some painting last week I went back to constructing figures.  To be honest, the heat and humidity here in the UK are so bad that I am surprised I got anything done.

So for your enjoyment we have Gynroch ap Roch, Wocor of Powys.  This is a drake related to the 'skettis' faction (Powys) and is a really unusual design.  I particularly like the fact that he is clinging to a tree stump, which adds an extra dimension that I find particularly pleasing.  I do enjoy it when sculptors add some relevant scenery to their figures and Mierce certainly have some great sculptors working for them.
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Dragons , knights and trolls! What more could you want? Joking aside, by now most people will have seen the pictures from Forge World's openday. needless to say, the arrival of Dark Angel's conversion bits, have me all kinds of excited, so it seems things make take a Horus Heresy turn in the months after summer...
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    1. Some of the best I have seen in all honesty. I was never much of troll fan, until I had come across this range!