Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Gallery: Kingdom Death The King's Man By Sven

For those of you who’re following the Mondays Previews this article won’t come as a surprise. Today I’d like to finally show you the finished King’s Man, a model that sat on my table for ages, as I never felt motivated to tackle all those metals. But when I finally got my hands on a King’s Hand, which I’ve been missing for a felt eternity and so was very keen to paint, I decided to work on them simultaneously.
The metals were once again done with the Vallejo true metals and as I’ve ranted about before, the contrast that can be achieved within the gold is rather subdued. Gladly the silver is so nice and shiny and allows the darkened gold to stand out. Nevertheless quite some dark lining was needed to get a distinct look and it took me several attempts to get the right balance between shaded and glossy gold.
The coat of course was meant to mirror the colours of my King but it seems due to the heavily folded fabric I highlighted it too much and the end result was way lighter than the coat of the King. It took me some effort and a lot of washing to get to a tone that fitted the original inspiration. I really like the look that the Vallejo washes create. That dull quality fits fabric very well in my opinion and it is a nice counterpoint to the shiny armour.
If you’re interested in some WIPs you can find some in the Monday Previews from the last months.
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