Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Gallery: Kingdom Death Apotheosis By Sven

**This is Kingdom Death NSFW!** 
The Apotheosis’ are some of the rather recent sculpts of Kingdom Death and while I really love the royal appearance and their god-complex background, the miniatures apparently didn’t get much love from the fans though, as there are still over 200 pieces left of each.
Sadly I have no WIPs this time, as I didn’t paint those at my place and the pics I took were just too blurry due to bad lighting. The plan I had for those two was to underline their self-proclaimed royalty with a lot of gold and shiny metals, and to get some kind of desert king look by choosing ochre for the capes. Overall I wanted a rather monochrome feel and so started with warm gold tones on the metals, but that turned out to be totally lost, so I played around with my true metals and added washes and silver highlights to bring the details out instead.
Another important part was obviously the skin. Their emphasised anatomy and the background of possessing powers of unknown origin brought me to the idea of semi-translucent skin. I began with a dark reddish skin tone as base coat and added all those muscle threads by adding more and more elf flesh to the base colour. Then I drew the purple veins before glazing the whole skin sections with thinned Tallarn flesh to represent the actual skin.
As usual I’m trying to make the male and female versions of the KD models like two sides of the same coin and I think it’s especially obvious on those two miniatures.
Due to the rather anime like sculpt and their strange proportions I feel they do really stand out next to the other KD characters. In the end I’m not even sure whether they are really supposed to be heroes or antagonists. Time will tell.
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