Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Gallery: Darklands Ysians - Seza, Death Abhorrent By Sven

**This is Sven (joking) but please note figure is potentially NSFW**
I can’t believe my last Ysian post was in September last year! I’m going to make up for it in the future and so I got one of my favourites for you today. Seza the Blade-Abhorrent was the first of the three-legged monstrous infantry that was released and embodies a pretty unique concept.
Just like the Brutes the Abhorrents are mutated monstrosities that were created by the Flesh-Drunes. Seza is an especially well done specimen and thus falls under the category of “Death-Abhorrents”, which is a character class and an even fiercer opponent.
I always love it when an army has a good feeling of unison and so I used my regular colours for skin and fabric on Seza. The three-legged sculpt made it quite difficult to reach every place with the brush. What took me longer to decide was the colour of the loincloths’ and the claws. I went for a sand/bone colour for the cloth, to tie in with the horns of all the other Ysians, but then wanted to give it a really dark counterpart with the claws instead of painting them bone too. I believe I never put so many washes on anything as I put on the claws, but I really love the transition and hope to be able to recreate it on future models.
In the game Seza and the Abhorrents act like bigger and faster versions of the Brutes. Not only do they come with higher strength and a move of 7, but they also get additional trample attacks that will be especially useful when the full rules are released. Having attacks with the “trample” characteristic allows you to perform a special type of attack move that can truly waste units of smaller models.
With Lorna having started an Ysian host too, I’m really excited to see DiStudios take on some of their units. But as they’re focusing more on the humans and beasts and I prefer the sick stuff, there probably won’t be too many overlapping points.
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