Friday, 24 July 2015

Gallery: Darklands Norse - Gjoll, Troll Vane-Bearer By DiStudios

The fifth and final Norse Troll in my initial collection is Gjoll the unit standard bearer. He is a very detailed resin model and also the closest model to the scheme I originally envisioned. Being that this is the final member of my original purchase, a group shot will be added to my Gallery very soon. Below is Mierce Miniature's background for Gjoll, Troll vane-Bearer.

Gjöll, the Vane-Bearer, brings the power of Thor from his Jarl's dragonship, his skei, into battle; an honour that is not lost upon his crew nor upon the wretched victims of the Thurs, what the enemies of the Norse call Trolls. Himself a mighty warrior, already spoken of in the tales of Lindisfarena and of Ilkolmkill, Gjöll is known from the lands of the painted to the soft southern coasts as a murderer of woman and child and beast, a terrible creature of what once was legend filled with a fury that is terrible to behold - but which Vörtun's skalds record for their sagas reverently. Gjöll cares nothing for sagas, for poetry or verse, only the lust found in the kill and the favour of his Jarl, but mostly for the honour of bearing the lightning of Thor himself into battle; for the god of thunder and lightning and strength sees the Jötnar of Jötunheimr and especially the Thurs, who bear his name, as his children, and Gjöll knows that the favour of the gods - in these times of war and darkness - are everything.

I really enjoyed working on the bronze battle standard, it gave a nice break from the seas of green and browns, the bone weapon also adds a nice contrast to the figure, helping Gjoll to stand out even more from the unit. I prefer the darker muzzle tone, but will leave the rest of the unit as they are and instead apply the new colour scheme to future Trolls.

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  1. Fantastic weathering on that shield/banner. Looks fantastic.

    1. Thanks Greg, think I am all trolled out for a bit though haha!