Saturday, 4 July 2015

Darklands: The Metal Age Kickstarter!

Greetings all, there is a massive buzz here at the moment, as Mierce Miniatures is currently running it's Metal Age Kickstarter! This Kickstarter has already funded and is rising at a good rate. The project is offering infantry starter packs for various factions of their Darklands game in metal. Many people prefer metal over resin for gaming, due to durability and with the huge discounts that Mierce Miniatures provides during these Kickstarters - infantry roughly works out to £2 per figure, so now is the perfect time to buy in for the first time or add infantry blocks to an existing force. Naturally the entire team has backed...

Currently three of the four goals have been unlocked, one of which is for project exclusive drinking companions - only 100 of each and limited to 2 per backer. So if you are a collector, you will not want to wait as these lovely miniatures will vanished (I already secured myself two Boozing Rollos.

Is it trustworthy?
Now some people may still have doubts concerning Mierce Miniatures for various (understandable) reasons. So I will use my self as an example. Since Salute 2015 (April?) I have been purchasing and reliable getting all the figures that are in stock, figures that were not complete at the time, were sent very quickly once produced (The Corpse Takers a prime example). The quality and prices have been consistently amazing throughout, as has the customer service during replacement issues. This company has given me one of the most fluid and pleasant buying experiences I have ever had in a very long time.

What about a gaming system?
The gaming system is nearly complete, there is a hard copy rule book you can purchase, but the quick start rules and army lists (musters) are available for free via PDFs HERE. The rules are nearly ready for print and are on offer via the Metal Age, so another reason to back, there are also videos showing the game mechanics, which I recommend you check out. I personally think the game system is rather good, it is complex but overbearing and no one phase seems to dominate the other. In terms of infantry vs monstrous infantry, the rules are surprisingly balanced, so units of equal points (referred to as gold) will be balanced against each other.

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