Sunday, 28 June 2015

Oldhammer Sundays: DRAG5 - Great Imperial Dragon #2

Welcome to Oldhammer Sundays! I have to be honest, this is starting to become one of my favourite model making days, as it gives me a chance to rummage around my old boxes and walk down memory lane. This week I continue working on DRAG5 - The Great Imperial Dragon, with a focus on the base details.

Each of the DRAG releases, had mini story lines associated to the miniature. This helped to translate the character of the miniature to the painter, which is my opinion was a nice little addition. In the case of the Imperial Dragon, I wanted to go my own route of this dragon having taken over another dragon's horde. So to get this across I dug out some old rpg treasure bits I had, and placed them around the skull of dragon skull accessory.

Original I wanted to include some translucent gems, but I felt they were a little on the large side for this model, so instead I added some mushrooms to complete the 'cave' look. There is still a little tidying to do to the base, but for all intents, this is the final look for the base. I might add some foliage at the end; such as ivy, brush, moss etc but I will keep to a minimum.

This model is pretty much ready for the paint phase now, but I am just waiting for a shipment of paints to arrive before I make a start. Right now I am thinking a deep red, with bone plates...I am excited and at the same time apprehensive, as it has been a very long time since I have painted a dragon miniature!

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