Sunday, 21 June 2015

Oldhammer Sundays: DRAG5 - Great Imperial Dragon #1

Welcome to the first article in a new series - Oldhammer Sundays. In this series I will be revamping classic Citadel figures from my collection. Today I take a look at an old favourite of mine: DRAG5 - The Great Imperial Dragon from 1987.

I got into Citadel Miniatures at a very young age and was lucky enough to have family who supported my hobby. While I did have an extensive Citadel Dragon collection; included the mighty Emperor Dragon; I never actually got round to getting hold of the great Imperial Dragon until very recently for an excellent price (actually not that recent 2 years ago I think!).

The Dragon arrived in excellent condition, complete with trophy skull accessory. It did have paint, old glue and Milliput filler for the joints, so straight into a Fairy Power Spray bath it went. After a little scrubbing with a wire brush, DRAG5 was reborn in all it's metal goodness. Considering the age of the miniature, the details are still sharp and has no sign of damage, although there are still traces of flash and cast lines that need to be dealt with.

Pins have been added to the neck and tail, but the wings seem to be fine glued in. A risk, but I trust the superglue completely in this scenario, it is incredibly strong stuff and I have never had a problem, even with heavy models. There are some gaps that need to be filled, which annoyingly I made larger with more pinning location, but overall I am happy.

DRAG5 in it's full glory! Later this week I will start filling the gaps and proceed with cleaning up the model. Although it is not glued down, I have decided to use a oval base, as it just seems to look better compared to the chariot base; which looks a little too small to me. I will be adding base details towards the finishing stages, perhaps slate and cork to give a bit more of interest to the model. One thing I do have in mind is to use lots of green flock, to give that authentic Oldhammer feel!

So next week we should see the starts of painting this classic miniature, so join me then for a bit more nostalgia and Oldhammer!

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