Monday, 29 June 2015

Monday Previews!

Greetings and welcome to another Monday Previews! So lets have a look and see what the writers of Send The Eighth! are up to...

I had a lot of deliveries last week, including my much anticipated Corpse Taker unit by Mierce Miniatures. Like the majority of the Mierce miniatures range, these are absolutely stunning. Loaded with detail and cast in a resin I find easy to work with, I managed to clean and the remainder of the unit over the weekend (I bought the Champion at Salute). So this week, the plan is to finish that final Troll, before moving on to the Corpse Taker unit.

The paint scheme will be black, highlighted with blues and possibly purples if I can get the mixes right, so in theory it should be relatively quick when compared to the Troll paint scheme. Either way, working on something other than green is appreciated at this point of time, with trolls and Dark Angels all over the place!

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I’m currently working on the bases for the Kingsmen and the Kings Hand. This is basically the main base, just some flock and maybe one of the dry trees missing.
The Kings Hand is a high ranking officer while the Kingsmen are just basic troops. Nevertheless the Kingsmen are quite a bit bigger than the Hand and so I decided to put it on a elevated base, to underline its rank.
Finally there are just some details on the Kingsmen left to do and then I’m moving on to something else. Maybe the Butcher, maybe some Darklands… I’m not yet decided.
To see more of my work, please visit my Gallery
Thought I'd try something a little different this week and actually paint something. After putting Talos together last week I was motivated to put some paint on him.  Started with a black undercoat, then Vallejo Tinny Tin.
Mixed that with Model Brass and then the Brass itself.  Went over that with Dark tone to reduce the shine and used a Metallic green in the eye holes, sorry can't remember the make off hand.
For the base I sanded it, then used brown ink and lightly brushed some stonewall grey.  Edged the base in a gunmetal with silver for the markers. He isn't finished yet but definitely getting there and I am very happy with the way he's turned out.
With a new Mierce Miniatures Kickstarter happening this week (more details on that tomorrow!), I sense a disturbance in the painting force...I suspect that the writers will be going all out on Dark Lands Miniatures in the future, and I for one will be following suit!
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