Monday, 15 June 2015

Monday Previews!

Greetings! Last week we had a unofficial holiday here on the blog. A combination of holidays, Internet going down and work shenanigans, meant content was pretty much non-existent. This week however we are back on track with project updates from the entire team and for those interested in miniature transport solutions, pay special attention this Thursday as we have a special set of product reviews focusing on the Feldherr Figure Case and Foam range. And finally, Prodos Game's AvP (Aliens Vs Predator) board game if finally shipping to Kickstarter Backers, so hopefully my copy will arrive in good time for me to a review. 

Anyway, onwards with the models!

If you are starting to get tired of seeing Trolls, well sorry no change! I have finally reached the fifth and final troll of my original Salute purchase - Gjoll, who is a standard bearer for the unit. With him in the photo are the wip's of the Hrafnen Crew, who I made a start on a couple of weeks back.My intention is to paint these lot at the same time, and perhaps get both sets finished for the end of the week.

Once these are finished, I have plans to paint something big for the collection, currently it is a coin toss between a giant with a hammer, a giant raven and a giant mouth with fangs!

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During the last week I just managed some more steps on the Kingsmen. I finished the red, the feathers and added the first coat of metals to the armour. Again the true metals have the problem of lacking depth, so some inking and black lining might be needed.

As promised in the last preview I have another Kingdom Death article prepared for Wednesday, so keep your eyes peeled for that!
To see more of my work, visit my Gallery
This weeks photo is of Mag Ap Mag, Prifdynwocor of Powrs. He is a War chief of one of the two monstrous creatures factions for Brythoniaid, the other being Dragonmen.
Sadly, his foot soldiers haven't shipped yet so he's all on his own at the moment. One of the things I really like about him, is that he reminds me of a Skettis from the Dark Crystal.
So despite all the lovely sunshine and warm weather, the team has decided to lock itself away in the dark and make/paint more models, and I for one, would not have it any other way haha!
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