Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Gallery: Kingdom Death Nightmare Ram By Sven

**This is Kingdom Death NSFW!**
The artwork of the Nightmare Ram has been around for a good while before the release of the miniature. If I recall correctly it spread around the time that the Lion God expansion for Kingdom Death: Monster was revealed. Someone had found the Lion Gods artwork on the artists DeviantArt page and the Ram was on the same sheet. Also not officially confirmed it was quite obvious for whom this concept with all the hands and the lantern was made.
The model was easily built, but had some major gaps that needed filling, especially around the belly and along the spine. For the fur I used the picture of a real goat for inspiration, which I’ve shown in the Mondays Preview a couple of weeks ago. I blended browns and blacks while keeping a white belly and inner legs. In hindsight, I don’t know whether the white belly was necessary.
The skin again began with a base coat of good ol’ Citadel Tallarn Flesh, washed with Ogryn Flesh and then highlighted from Tallarn Flesh to Elf Flesh. In the final steps I applied very thin washes of red, purple and flesh tones to different areas.

With those two major steps, the model looked already quite nice and in fact had only some detail work left to do. The lantern was the only part of the model that had metallic paint on it. I’m not 100% happy with how the light hits, but I feared to overdo it and left it like it is, also I’ve seen a good looking version where the whole arm that hold the lantern are basically hit by the light.
The most intriguing part of the model is certainly the double-face. I think the transition from skin to black worked best on the right cheek. This took quite some time to get right, but there seemed to be more space on the right side that made it easier and the result better. I really like the desperate expression of the female face and the way she’s trying to look forward by looking "down". It’s a really nightmarish image when you think about the woman as a separate, trapped being. Nevertheless, my main pride of the model are the Rams eyes, which were inspired by the artwork; which was certainly inspired by the Berserk manga/anime. The colour was achieved by painting the eyes white, then adding the rings and pupils before applying a thin layer of skin wash ink.

The Ram was actually too big for its base and I had to add some stones and a relief to be able to place the model completely on the floor. That meant basically all four feet had to be placed on raised points. While being quite tiresome to work out right, it left me with the option to add some gore to the model. As the rear right foot was raised even a bit more than the rest, I placed a really wasted corpse beneath it and had some fun with Tamiya Clear Red.
Of course Kingdom Death has another little surprise for us on this model (I’m sorry, but it’s not genital-themed this time). Between the arms holding the lantern there’s a quite disturbing face hidden. In my opinion it looks a bit like a swollen baby. To distinguish it a bit more I added some additional red and purple washes to it. Later, when the model was already finished I thought about giving the arms holding the lantern the same treatment to make them “belong” to the baby, but was to lazy to do it.
Overall I really like how that model came out and it surely became one of my favourites. All those strange monsters like the Forge God, the Lion God, the Grandmother really are the coolest models for me and the Ram clearly fits into that. The model holds such a dark atmosphere and I’m really happy with the way my paint job worked out on this.

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  1. Man these are definitely some unique models! This one is pretty disturbing for sure...dat butt.

    1. They are indeed! I definitely need more of those to keep my motivation high.
      ... maybe it's about time to tackle the Wet Nurse ;-)

      - Sven