Friday, 19 June 2015

Gallery: Darklands Norse - Unnolg, Troll Warrior By DiStudios

Unnolg is the latest Troll to be completed for my collection. Sporting a very mean looking cleaver, he exudes nastiness. Having now done a lot of research into the Mierce Troll range, it turns out that the weapon load is pretty much an accident. At the time of design, there was no game being developed, as a result, sculptors had a free reign as to how to equip the trolls. With a game now in works, it seems that Unnolg will actually belong to a unit exclusively armed with two handed weapons...that will look simply brutalicious on the table! Below is Mierce Miniature's background for him.

It is said that the Thurs, what others call Trolls, do not travel well over the seas. It suits neither their temperament nor their bellies, these people say, and if they are to be fought it should be when they are upon the shore, recovering from their journey, their stomachs queasy and their minds ill-brought. Perhaps these tales have a grain of truth in them. Perhaps they are told simply to give courage to those warriors who would confront the Norse. Whatever the truth of the matter, few who tell the tale have fought those such as Unnolg, a Thurs of slime and wart, of immense strength and unflinching brutality, for even as their ships are beaching the Trolls leap to the shore, bellowing and howling, charging into the weakling men sent against them and scattering them like leaves in the wind. Unnolg and his kin may indeed travel poorly across the seas; but they care not, for they would sail to the end of the world if there were blood to be spilled.


With four down and one to go, a group shot is in sight. After that, who knows, perhaps something big and scary!

If you are interested in seeing the rest of the of this awesome unit, please click on the troll name: Vortun, Gjoll, Gurrir, Nisurl, Group Shot.

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