Friday, 5 June 2015

Gallery: Darklands Norse - Nisurl, Troll Warrior By DiStudios

Nisurl was painted immediately after Gurrir, but once again was not completed until after Vortun had been finished. Because he is one of the earlier painted trolls, he shares a lot of the older colour scheme; like the pink snout; and there are points of brush work, that look rougher than on Vortun. Despite this, I was very happy with the way the hardened brown hide had developed at this point, and it helped make my mind up that it would stay a consistent theme through out the entire troll unit. I also started doing much better work on the belly transitions with Nisurl, which helped solidify a routine to get this technique done. With the new weapon paint job put in place, Nisurl really comes together properly as a miniature, as the weapons are such solid plates of metal (or resin in this case!) that they become the main focal point in the photos.

The most pleasing thing about painting the trolls; outside of how awesome the sculpts are; is that I am being forced to deal with a green colour scheme. Green has never been my strong point and working on these figures has allowed me to finally deal with this.On a slightly random note unlike previous projects, the airbrush has not played a dominant part of the work routine, outside of base colours, the trolls have been painted entirely by hand, which is refreshing!

If you are interested in seeing the rest of the of this awesome unit, please click on the troll name: Vortun, Gjoll, Unnolg,Gurrir, Group Shot      

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  1. Nicely done Chris. I really enjoy the variation of green tones in the model. I do think that if you do another, you should consider lighting the tones a bit around the face to pull some extra interest in there!

    1. Thanks Greg, this troll was actually one of the earlier ones I did, so in terms of painting I had not yet figured out how to paint them. Vortun (the first troll I posted) was actually a culmination of experimenting with both Nisurl and Gurrir.