Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Gallery: Darklands Infernii - Malacant, Servile Champion of Dis By Sven

This article features the first “miniature” from my newest Darklands host. Like DiStudios' Birna, my Malacant is a Warchief for its demonic kindred which is called the Infernii. The Infernii represent the demons that have allied with the Roman Empire and is quite an awesome combination in my opinion. Additionally Malacant is one of the rare sculpts by Dan Cockersell and without a doubt an awesome one.
The official scheme for the Infernii has them in a reddish skin tone and metallic armour, but as I’m never too fond of the official route, I developed another approach. I wanted the demons to look pale and sick. To achieve this skin I used a light beige base coat, washed it with Ogryn Flesh and then highlighted it up to nearly pure white. Then I applied some final glazes of red and purple. Best to be seen on the wings.
For the armour I used an approach which I originally loved to use on my Chaos Dwarfs. The dark bronze armour uses Tin Bitz as a base coat and was dry brushed with Brassy Brass before being washed with Strong Tone. The red armour parts, were base coated with Hammered Copper and again dry brushed with Brassy Brass before being given a wash with GW red wash.
I used a even but heavily washed approach for the horns to make them stand out against the pale skin. The black hair was meant to contrast with the skin too, which becomes more important with lesser armoured models. Around the eyes I applied some purple and blended it into the skin using a purple ink. The eyes are pure black with a tiny reflection dot of white.
The cracks on the bases and the axe basically use the same technique to get that fiery look, but I’ll ramble about those in another article when the axes are more prominent in the pictures.

I already got a game in with my Infernii and I must say that they are real beasts! Malacant has a really high armour value and a parry modifier due to his huge shield. Combine this with a nice damage output, quite high skill for a monstrous commander and the ability to fly makes him really terrifying. He was the first flyer we ever used in a game and we agreed that it’s probably the strongest feature on him. Additionally when used in a pure Infernii host Malacant becomes an Uncommon choice instead of a rare one, which makes him super flexible when it comes to list building. All that while he’s quite able to deal with enemy rares of an equal gold value.
So overall a really good choice and an awesome model.
Thanks for reading.
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  1. Holy !@$(&)! that is an awesome job Sven! Really great job on the face as well. He's very engaging.

    1. Thank you Greg, that's some high praise there. Wait 'til you see his big brother though ;-)