Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Gallery: Darklands Fomoraic Belech by Sven

This special miniature was one of my favourites since the day I saw its artwork during the first Darklands Kickstarter. As usual most art by Danny Cruz intrigues me, but Roberto Chaudron did such a perfect job when sculpting it, I was just blown away.
Belech is a unique noble for the Fomoraic host and thereby a more powerful version of the regular Scion of Baalor. So I had to make sure he’ll stand out on the battlefield. Obviously the big cliff on the base was the first step, but I also wanted the colours to be a bit brighter while still staying in line with my seablue/rust contrast that I used on my Sea-Devil and Uuthüll himself. To give myself an option to convert and paint a more regular Scion of Baalor later on, I went with a lot of red on Belech and used it on everything that could be seen as crab-shell.

The blue parts where done by my usual dry brushing and washing combination, but for the red I went a new route. Basically I dry brushed a black base coat with grey and white to get a black-white blending. I then used a thin, dark red and glazed the area multiple times before adding some final highlights by mixing white in the dark red.
The final act of the paint job was the ice blade which I tried to tackle with my very limited wet-blending skills. I like the result, which has the deep-sea touch, but I think for really nice ice it should have been lighter.
Having played with and against Belech and Scions of Baalor in general, I can only say: He’s an absolute no-brainer. He’s a ridiculously powerful sorcerer with insane range, an incredible armour-ignoring character-killer and a loathsome monster-general with high skill, authority and temper. There’s no real drawback to him and he is able to defeat nearly every unit of the same gold cost without breaking a sweat. A half-god walking the battlefield, which is basically what he is as Belech is the son of Baalor, but at the moment it just seems unbalanced.
Nevertheless a great model with an awesome Cthulhu vibe.
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