Friday, 26 June 2015

Dark Angels: Command Squad

It almost seems like a little bit of history repeating, the release of the 7th edition Codex: Dark Angels, has sparked a bit of a revival in me. 

So today I am sharing the starts of a new Dark Angels army, to go with the lovely new Interrogator Chaplain kit. Below is a picture of a quick kit bash of a command squad. Using parts from my old Dark Angels project and spares from my Horus Heresy bits box, I have decided to go with four veterans and an Apothecary all in robes. For the standard bearer, while I normally jump at the chance to free hand, I am extremely curious to see how good the banner decals are when applied so I will be using the Dark Angels decal set. If all goes well, it will save me loads of time too!

The bolter arms have been left off intentionally, as I will be cutting the hands off, to accommodate the new range of special and combi weapons. With the use of magnets, I will be able to tailor this squad against a wide range of opponents. You have probably noticed the lack of Company Champion, which has been done on purpose as I am tailoring specifically for fire power goodness.

The squad is all but complete, so painting should start over the weekend. I am not aiming for this collection to be game viable, but the fact it is 40k probably means I will be more likely to get games in, than with my other miniature collections.

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  1. Looking forward to the squad buildup. The kitbashing of parts looks like a ton of character already!

    1. Thanks Greg, it should keep me going until Horus Heresy Dark Angels turn up! ;)