Monday, 4 May 2015

Site News: Monday Previews!

Greetings all, don't let the lack of articles last week fool you, there is plenty of miniature goodness going around keeping the team busy. In order to keep all you awesome readers up to date each I have decided to hound the guys each Monday in an attempt to get sneak peeks of what our they are currently working on.

Vikings and trolls, that pretty much sums up what I am doing, I have been non stop building and painting the lovely Mierce Norse range, and quite frankly I can't wait to get some more! Of course trolls are not the only thing on the table, there are giant Raven men, Shamans and other weird beasties, all of which I am looking forward to putting paint to.

The above photo above shows just how big the models are, I actually have a couple painted and near completion, and those will be making an appearance very soon. Of course more previews of those can be seen via the Twitter link to the left.

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It's the Sunstalker Infant by Kingdom Death for me! I am currently in the final steps on the skin. I'm trying to emulate a glow from the centre and human skin on the hands and tentacles. 
For the skin I went with a brownish tone that I also used on my Ysians to get a better contrast compared to my regular, lighter skin tone. I guess in the end I'll add a highlight of Tallarn Flesh, as it ended a bit too brown for my liking. I then went back and forth using drybrushing with pale yellow and inking with yellow ink. Still a lot of work to do...
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Sadly no pics from me. I have included a stock photo of what I am working on though. Like DiStudios, things here have taken a very Mierce Miniatures theme as I work on my Brythoniaid host from Salute.

Since Salute, I have made more purchases for my host, fingers crossed I will have some more interesting pictures for next week. Maybe.

To see more of Hellstrom's work, visit his Gallery

So that's what the the team and I are up to! Exciting times as we all take a Fantasy dive on the lead up to summer!

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  1. Those trolls look AMAZING!

    1. Thanks Greg, if I keep up the pace, most of the unit will be finished this week...finished models and me? Scary times!

    2. Haha I hear you. I have been scrubbing my sicaran to make up for your heresy!

    3. Get your scrubbing mitts on, plenty of Heresy here haha!