Monday, 25 May 2015

Monday Previews!

Greetings, I hope you are enjoying the Bank Holiday (UK) and nice weather that has seemed to come with it! Being Monday, it's time to have a look at what the respective writers of Send The Eighth! are up to. I am also taking this opportunity to welcome Lorna back to the writing team, it seems the lure of Mierce Miniatures has been enough to coax her back to the hobby!

This weekend I decided to take a break from painting green skinned Trolls. So instead I worked on one of the many humanoid characters in my collection - Birna Dottir Of Hrafnen. For those who have not handled Mierce Miniatures, the infantry figure are incredibly delicate and stacked with details. With most standing at 30mm tall, each piece is a fine sculpt that painters can really go to town on.

I have deviated from the stock paint job, opting to go for a distressed leather cuirass, instead of a metal breast plate, I felt this would be more 'Viking Age' with the absence of a mail shirt. The greens help tie Birna to the Hrafnen house and will feature on all the Hrafnen infantry in some form. Just visible you can also see I added a leather strap connecting the sword scabbard to her waist, as a small extra detail.

The idea is to spend today finishing her off and hopefully creating a gallery photo set for Friday!

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Sadly not a lot of progress from my side this week, but I think you can already see where I'm heading with my Kingsmen. The cloak follows the same pattern as that of my King and I'm sure it will look great in contrast with a shiny metal armour.
The cloak isn't finished yet and the turquoise side still needs a wash to dull it down, while the red side is just the base layer.
To see more of Sven's work, visit his Gallery
After seeing Chris’s salutes haul this year I admit I have been converted to Mierce Minatures. It took me a while to decide what army to pick as each one had something I liked and I was initially tempted by the Fomoraic, especially when I saw the figure of Kraan on his white bear, it reminded me of something from the computer game Warcraft. However in the end I decided to go for The Ysians, I liked the idea of having a group of fierce looking axe men but it was mainly the Maniticora that did it for me.
I eagerly ordered enough to have some starter games. Apart from the great designs of the actual figures I really like the scale of them, which to me is not dissimilar to the warmachine scale, a game which I previously collected.
As well as being aesthetically pleasing I am hoping the army will fare well against Chris’s own Norse army, it has been a while since I beat him at any miniature game, our last confrontation ended up in my army of 40k Space Orks being swiftly disintegrated by his Dark angels.
Sadly no gallery for Lorna, but perhaps in the future!
So again welcome back (again) to Lorna, we hope to see your army grow over and time and perhaps even a gallery set up here on the blog. Lots going on here and plenty of enthusiasm to play games, who knows we could have a Ysian vs Norse face off in the next couple of weeks!

Thanks for reading,

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  1. Hi Lorna ^^ Welcome to the Mierce side! I'm really looking forward to seeing your painting style.

    1. Hi Sven, Thanks I am really keen on the models. However I am cheating and getting Chris to paint them as I couldn't bear the thought of ruining them with a bad paint job and with such a good painter close to hand..well it seemed to make sense. When I get better at painting I will have a go but for now I just can't wait to play them!

    2. With Chris on the brush, you're indeed on the safe side. I'm sure they'll look spectacular.
      You just need to get his hands off those Trolls first ^^

    3. Indeed, it does seem I am going to be very busy with painting this summer!

  2. Nice work guys! Always glad to see progress...and Chris, that lady is looking great! Nice work on the flesh tones, they are spot on!

    1. Thanks Greg, we all seem to be suffering a bit from Mierce mania! I can't seem to stop painting these Norse miniatures.

      Glad you like Birna, the full gallery post will be this Friday, I just hope my photos are up to scratch!