Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Gallery: Kingdom Death Sunstalker By Sven

 **This is Kingdom Death NSFW!**

The Sunstalker is Kingdom Death’s biggest and most expensive model to date. Masterfully sculpted by Allan Carrasco and with the raw resin apparently costing 70 Dollars it is also their most expensive release yet. Just like the King the Sunstalker was first introduced via the Kickstarter project and later saw regular release in its resin collectors version. I’ve worked on this model and the Sunstalker Infant simultaneously and basically applied the same techniques just on a bigger scale.
Onto a white foundation I dry brushed a mix of Vallejo pale yellow and white primer, then blended it towards the pure white glow in the centre of the model.

Just like with the Infant the initial skin tone is a mix of Heavy Skintone and Heavy Siena, which turned out very brown. Nevertheless I left it for the first moment and went on to some details. It was all done quite quickly.

As the whole thing looked a bit plain, especially on the yellow and white skin parts I added some veins using a fleshtone ink. I think it gives the model a finished and living touch.

The most painstaking work was to paint all those fingernails on the ears in the end. But I think it was another good step away from a blank feel, which was my first issue when being nearly done. Everything worked out, but nevertheless it still had so big uncoloured areas.
I’m sure you’ve already spotted the tip of its foremost tentacle, but Kingdom Death wouldn’t be Kingdom Death without another ace in the hole. So the back of the model holds another glands-shaped surprise and also some nice structures that actually make the rear view more interesting than the front.

Overall I think the colour scheme worked better on the adult Sunstalker than on the Infant. I also really like how the “eyes” (here again: the real eyes are on his nipple-tentacles) and the maw of the monster are like deep, black abysses in the overall lighter coloured model.

The tentacles cover a total area of 18cm in diameter and I haven’t found a fitting solution yet, but I definitely plan on basing the Sunstalker in the future. Because of the colours used here, the next KD model you’ll see on the blog from me, will only have a little yellow on it, but I’m quite excited on how it’s developing.
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  1. great work as usual. I agree with you the colour scheme works best with the adult sunstalker than with the infant sunstalker.
    I like the transitions from brown to yellow and then to white.
    You could have painted more veins, they are a nice addition to all those bare skin zones.

    Anyway, keep it up, I can't wait to see what you will be painting next !

  2. Ha! And here I thought I'd overdone the veins a bit ^^ TBH the veins also don't show well on the showcase pictures the WIP actually has them more present.

    Nevertheless I guess dragging some more into the white areas could have been a good idea...

    Anyways, thanks for your comment and I'm glad you like the big one!

  3. That is such an impressive paint job! Wasn't it difficult to paint the inside of the mouth after assembly? It's such an enclosed space!

    1. Wow, thanks a lot. Really appreciate it.
      Can't begin to tell you how tedious it was to paint the insides of the teeth... horrible. But apart from that it went quite alright. Used a lot of washes to create the depth.

    2. Well, I'm not the skilled painter you are, but if it can be painted whilst fully assembled, then that's what I'll do. I prefer to do it that way if possible.

      You mentioned that you thought it looked a bit plain, hence the veins. Just by looking at the photos, I have to say that from a distance you don't get to see the veins, but the glow of it is far from plain. Personally, if it was a busier colour scheme I think it would take away from the radiance your paint gives this miniature. The close photos, where you can see the fine veins, add a new dimension to it, kinda like rewarding you for taking a close look at it.

      Time to look at your other posts and pictures. :)

    3. It certainly can be done. I do prefer to paint my models fully built too, as filling gaps later is quite a pain.

      I really appreciate your thoughts on the veins and overall feeling of the model. Makes it sound like I really thought about it ^^
      I'm still thinking the model needs a base to look finished, but I haven't found a base that big yet... even 120mm isn't enough.

      I'd be happy to hear your opinion on anything that catches your eye (be it good or bad)