Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Gallery: Darklands Fomoraic Kaairioc-cro Sea Devil

I mentioned in my last article (The King), that I had not been idle during the past months absence and so today I would like to share some of my Mierce Miniatures works, as it has been a while since I have posted any. Due an increase in Darklands gaming I have added some more Mierce Miniatures lately, at the expense of my Angelcynn host who has been sold to a fellow Mierce fan. Meanwhile I have started a new kindred…but more on that another time!
Today I’d like to present some more of my Fomoraic in the form of Kaairioc-cro Sea Devil, and he is a big beastie!

The so-called Sea Devil (I love that name) is one of Mierces earliest monsters and in all honesty, it is not one of my favourites. Regardless of this, I went ahead and bought it for my Terror from the Deep host. My main issue with the model was that it looked too natural with it four legs and dinosaur-like look. So I took out the hobby knife and removed the rear legs to get a more sea-dwelling feeling. In game the Sea Devil is very slow, so that fits the bill.

Due to the change of model footprint I had to bend the tail a bit and create a base that followed the flow of the model. I also think that this would be the most realistic way of representing spraying water. For this effect I used Vallejo Water Paste and the “Foam and Snow”-paste which I applied very lightly to the tips of the hardened water. This is something I hope to recreate in the future on another project.
The model itself was painted fairly quickly. Just the sea green hide and a lot of Vallejo Pigments on the armour. But I really think the mad eyes bring this model to life. The eyes were also always a problem for me, the model just looked… almost placid, and so instead I opted for this crazed look to give a more menacing air. I have used the experience from this project on a new model, which you will soon see added to my Kingdom Death collection

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